Chapter 648 - Spade Z’s Sorcerer Isn’t Comparable

Chapter 648: Spade Z’s Sorcerer Isn’t Comparable

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Ever since that day, an unspoken unity fell over them to support the management. Even if they weren’t qualified to watch the match live, they showed their support online because they believed that the protection was mutual.

Besides, they never wanted to see a repeat of the coke incident.

When you truly like someone, you would feel bad about their plight.

The next day when Bo Jiu received information about the incident, she hugged the cat to record a video for her Weibo. “Come, Princess, let’s greet everyone.”


You ignorant human, release me! If you dare, let’s compete!

The youngster’s unique voice along with the constant purring seemed extremely lively.

“Awwww, why does my Big Spade seems to be so much more handsome?!”

“I have to record this and use it as my alarm!”

“Such tenderness, what should I do?!”

“Am I the only one that likes Princess’s voice?”

“I’m more interested in the white cat that Big Spade suddenly brought to the competition.”

“Good question!”

“Almighty’s fan would like to say something, that’s Almighty’s cat!”

“The Almighty actually entrusted Little Spade with his cat? I’m not insinuating anything, but do you also have the keys for the house of the Qin family?”

When Bo Jiu saw the last comment, she glanced at the table subconsciously ━ she really did have a pair of keys.

But it wasn’t for the house of the Qin family, but instead for the Almighty’s own house, which housed a huge stash of cat food.

The Almighty instructed her to get more when she ran out of it.

“I’m forcefully fed with their love again!”

“Gay trying to find his presence again, I don’t understand what these fans like about him.”

“Spade Z should really clarify the issue. Don’t you want to know why you were tossed a can of coke? Some of the perpetrators are your fans ━ or is that small group of fans not worth your attention?”

“I’m not satisfied with the entrance regulations, why is it so stringent? You’re so self-obsessed, not everyone is willing to see you.”

They didn’t seem prepared to stop.

Feng Yi was also looking at the official Weibo. He narrowed his eyes, speeding up the investigation process.

He turned to glance at Bo Jiu, who was already dressed in his battle gear.

Honour would always come hand in hand with slander.

Thus they wanted to live up to those that deserved it.

After three days, Supreme Alliance eliminated all the enemies, emerging as the dark horse.


On the fourth day was again scheduled a teamfight.

“This time, it won’t be such an easy victory for Supreme Alliance.” The shoutcaster glanced at the player list, providing his analysis.

The other shoutcaster asked, “Why do you say so?”

“For the past three days, Spade Z has been a sorcerer. His skills are indeed commendable but Supreme Alliance has been winning because they haven’t met a sorcerer with skills comparable to Spade Z. It isn’t like that for the Galactic team, you should have seen Chen Yiguang from their team. Other than PD from Xiangnan Team, who else in the entire National League has sorcerer skills comparable to his? If Spade Z isn’t able to control him, Supreme Alliance would definitely lose. Now that they are faced with a draw, the 5v5 match will determine their fate.”