Chapter 649 - Return of the Victorious

Chapter 649: Return of the Victorious

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Indeed, everyone was well aware that the National League would get tougher with each match because the competitors grew increasingly stronger.

Chen Yiguang had always used the sorcerer, he was the trump card of team Galactic.

His formation, skills, and control of time was both brilliant and sharp.

“I’m sorry.”

Lin Feng clenched his fists rightly after ending the 2v2 battle.

Galactic was indeed a strong competitor.

In fact, they were so strong that they could barely keep up.

“I should be the one apologizing.”

Coco stood at the side with his head hung low. “If I hadn’t died this quick, we wouldn’t have lost.”

Captain had told him that he needed to become stronger.

But the National League had arrived before he could become stronger.

Coco started to seriously wonder if he should stop taking on so many livestreams. Perhaps that would give him more time to train his finger speed.

But regardless of the reason, it shouldn’t become an excuse for his bad performance during the match.

Bo Jiu stood up, a faint smile on her face as she adjusted the black wrist guard on her right hand. She tilted her head, her lips curved slightly.”Don’t worry, we will win it back for you.”

She said “we,” not her.

The five of them entered the arena in a row, the familiar sight awe-inspiring.

Regardless of the number of times, the sight would always stir up the atmosphere.

The shoutcasters shook their heads, not having much hope for the match.

“Spade Z’s sorcerer won’t be able to control Chen Yiguang.”

However, the moment his words fell, an announcement flashed onto the screen.

Spade Z ━ Assassin.

All of a sudden, the shoutcaster was taken aback. Wait a moment, wasn’t he supposed to be a sorcerer? Why was he an assassin, what’s with the situation?!

A commotion began at Galactic’s side.

Bo Jiu’s change must have caught them off guard.

The real fans of Spade Z weren’t riled. “My Big Spade has always been an assassin, why is the shoutcaster so shocked?”

This comment shocked the crowd.

Right, how could they forgot that the new player king in Zone C had always been an assassin? Even until this day, the video of Spade Z as an assassin finishing off 5 opponents still caused a frenzy.

Hence, she never intended to continue as a sorcerer.

The youngster didn’t bother about anyone’s reaction, giving a signal to her teammates before wearing the headset.

The entrance music rang, waking the shoutcaster from his daze.

Anyone who used the assassin knew they would first fight wild beasts to raise a level before heading to kill others.

Using an assassin to kill required a certain level of skill.

Chen Yiguang knew Spade Z wasn’t an easy target. As he moved his character, he warned the others in a low voice, “Be careful of Spade Z’s ambush.”

“Don’t worry, Captain, we will take on a defensive strategy and await your commands.”

However, things didn’t always go as planned.

They couldn’t just defend and not attack.

One of the members of Galactic guarded the tower securely.

He was able to stand his ground even against two other opponents. When his HP was starting to fall dangerously low, he decided to head over to the safe area under the tower.

But he seemed to have forgotten that Spade Z was the assassin ━ meaning no place was absolutely safe!