Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Almighty Qin Asked What Were You Doing, Fu Jiu Replied: I’m Flirting!

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After finishing off those scum, Fu Jiu’s mood improved a lot more.

The corner of her mouth hooked up. She picked more small parts with her head down, handing all of them to the saleswoman with a handsome smile. “Just punch these items in, thank you.”

The saleswoman received them and decisively gave a 10% discount. Her face was flushed red. The pretty young man’s voice was so soft and gentle. She simply couldn’t get enough of a customer like this!

“So you don’t need a mouse?”

The one who asked this wasn’t the saleswoman, but the man who put his hand on Fu Ximing’s shoulder. He had a team uniform on, and his smile wasn’t friendly at all.

Fu Jiu put one hand in her pocket and didn’t even look at him. She left after paying for her purchases.

Exceeding her expectations, when she passed him by, the man curled his lips and said, “Interesting.”

Interesting indeed, wasn’t it?

Fu Ximing’s stupid older brother, who would blush whenever he saw him, now became someone who he didn’t even recognize.

That man narrowed his eyes and didn’t pay attention to Fu Jiu either. However much he might have changed, he was still a gay.

He didn’t want to touch a pervert like him. Once you got in contact, you could never get rid of him. Even if he was good looking, it was still pretty disgusting…

“Boss, come see! They are screening the gaming video of Almighty Qin and that Spade Z! I’m so envious of this guy. Usually, only you can match Almighty Qin, but this guy was even playing games with him, so lucky! I asked, and he is not from the Supreme Alliance. Nobody knows which team he’s on either. How is he still a newbie?”

That man’s followed his teammate’s finger and saw a screen full of silver light enter his eyes. He immediately jolted and blurted out, “Beautiful.”

It was beautiful indeed!

Even he couldn’t reach such maneuvering speed with his hands… This Spade Z… who in the world was he?!

At 2 p.m. in the afternoon, people started to enter the Qin Group’s club.

Fu Jiu was one of them.

The registrar asked, “Do you have a reference letter?”

“Reference letter?” Fu Jiu shook her head. “Nope.”

That person frowned and pointed to the line on the side. “Then get a number and wait over there. Someone will call you in when it’s your turn.”

Fu Jiu didn’t say too much. She followed the rules and got herself a number. Sitting with her legs crossed, she started to study the hard drives she just got out of boredom, such as how to mount and dismount them or what kind of covers she needed. It would be better to have a smaller one, so that it could be better disguised…

“You-you are enrolling for the internal contract?” A bespectacled boy to Fu Jiu’s side mustered his courage before speaking to her.. “Me-me-me too.”

Obviously, that boy had a little stutter.

Fu Jiu laughed and harrumphed with her head up.

That boy paused and thought that this person was really good looking. “You will surely pass with your looks. I-I-I heard that Manager F-F-Feng really cares about a-a-appearance!”

“You are not so bad yourself,” Fu Jiu said and she added with a smile, “And so young to boot.”

As the two of conversed, Fu Jiu received a WeChat notification.

It was a very short message from the Almighty. “Are you here already”

He didn’t even add any punctuation.

Fu Jiu laughed and sent a voice message in a lazy tone. “I’m here. I’m flirting with a delicate-looking handsome young boy I just met.”