Chapter 650 - Handsome Jiu

Chapter 650: Handsome Jiu

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The youngster’s beautiful finger skills were clearly shown on the large screen.

They moved so fast that they could barely see his operation.

On the screen, the assassin labeled as Spade Z dashed into their tower, executing a big move before jumping over the wall!

The announcement sounded: K.O!

A perfect tower kill! A dashing and sensational first kill!

The crowd went crazy!

The person that returned to the city never expected Spade Z’s sudden appearance.

Exactly how fast were his fingers moving?

But that wasn’t even all as the figure didn’t return to the city. Instead, he headed straight towards the assassin in the wilderness.

The announcement played three times.

Along with the stimulating sound effect were the huge words: Double-kill!

“Amazing!” The shoutcaster slapped the table, his agitation no less than the audience’s.

Everyone was requesting for slow-motion playback.

Ever since Spade Z’s first kill, the speed had been too quick.

Even the audience with the best views couldn’t understand the situation. When did that figure left the wilderness and went into the tower?!

The image sent their hearts palpitating.

“Spade Z as an assassin really prompted some fans to change idols.”

These were the shoutcaster’s actual words, purely because the youngster’s skills to kill were simply never-ending.

They couldn’t have felt more refreshed!

Chen Yiguang felt his heart sinking.

He knew there wasn’t any hope.

Right from the start, Spade Z had already managed to execute the first kill.

It was clear that they never intended to take over the tower, but were going to take them down by force.

Chen Yiguang wasn’t sure if it was a coincidence or if the youngster had planned it.

If it was the latter, Spade Z would simply be terrifying.

As a sorcerer, starting off in the wilderness was a major disadvantage, and thus his original plans had to be modified.

The wilderness was filled with bushes, making it easy to control one person but not a crowd.

Chen Yiguang used his big move twice.

There were indeed deaths within Supreme Alliance, but every death of a Supreme Alliance member was accompanied by four deaths of their opponents.

Cheng Yiguang didn’t even dare to let his HP drop much when he moved from the wilderness to the tower because it was possible for Spade Z to ambush him.

He had never experienced such an emotion.

The Supreme Alliance now ━ no, Spade Z was a rival he couldn’t fend off.

Without Qin Mo being here, he had been rather confident.

But now, Chen Yiguang realized that Spade Z had taken his place.

The youngster with the title ‘new player king’ wasn’t any worse than Qin Mo.

As soon as the thought struck him, Chen Yiguang felt his fingers tremble.

“Even without Qin Mo, Supreme Alliance was already at this level. Once he was back, wouldn’t they be much stronger?” , he wondered.

Team Galactic lost the battle.

As the shoutcaster had mentioned, Spade Z didn’t focus on taking down towers but rather taking them all out.

Supreme Alliance had won.

It was such a convincing win, igniting cheers. “Beautiful!”

Galactic was a stark contrast.

All the teams had put their heart into the National League, no one wanted to lose as everyone yearned for the chance to fight another match.

Even if it was just one other match, no one wanted to end just like this.