Chapter 651 - All-Rounder Jiu

Chapter 651: All-Rounder Jiu

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Lin Feng could understand how they were feeling because that was how he had felt back then when Supreme Alliance couldn’t even win the regions.

Hence, when Galactic came over, everyone removed their headsets.

Some of them were red-eyed, trying to endure and push through their emotion.

Chen Yiguang was the calmest, reaching out his hand to Bo Jiu. “I hope to meet you again next year, by then, Galactic will not be as easy as today.”

“I believe that.” The youngster smiled. “Everyone in Galactic has potential, especially you, Captain Chen. You were a tough kill. If your teammates could have revived in time and my members hadn’t been around, I would never have been able to kill you. That control was amazing.”

Chen Yiguang concluded that he shouldn’t be reading tabloids anymore as Spade Z was definitely someone worthy of the respect of every esports player. It had nothing to do with his unorthodox ways as his skills had been approved.

Usually, after both teams shook hands, they would head back to their own rest area, but at this moment, Chen Yiguang still wasn’t convinced, he paused and headed towards the youngster. “I have a question, was your opening at the wilderness a coincidence or…”

“Of course it was planned.” Bo Jiu returned his gaze. “Opening in the wilderness would weaken the sorcerer’s abilities and would be more convenient for an assassin’s movements. With a rival as strong as Captain Chen, I had to restrict you whenever possible.

Chen Yiguang was thoroughly convinced because the youngster was really that formidable.

Losing to such a rival wasn’t depressing, it just ignited the urge for a rematch.

Chen Yiguang walked over to a member that was still tearing, slapping his shoulders. “We’ll be back again next year, believe me, the Galactic next year will be much stronger.”


A team with the same belief would definitely become stronger.

The youngster retracted her gaze from Chen Yiguang.

The moment she lowered her head, she was met with Princess’s narrowed gaze.

Bo Jiu lifted her brow, using her hand to pin him down.

Princess was infuriated. You bast*rd, when Master is back, I’m going to make him change you! Don’t think you can do as you please just because you look good! But if you give me another candy, I can consider on enduring, heh!

The MVP was no doubt Bo Jiu with her 9 kills, 0 deaths, and 5 assists.

Under the circumstance that everyone only had 3 lives, this match result was amazing.

Someone guessed, “Spade Z must have decided to revert back to his specialty to tackle the next match.”

But on the next day, the youngster chose the long distant archer role during the next teamfight.


It wasn’t a sorcerer or an assassin, but an archer?

What a joke.

But as it turned out, he wasn’t joking.

Even with the archer, the youngster managed to remain the MVP.

Bo Jiu went through three characters.

Finally, someone couldn’t help asking, “Spade Z, are you perhaps able to play every character?”

The youngster carried the cat, a hand stuffed into his pocket as he sucked on a lollipop. With a lifted brow, he replied, “I am.”

After that interview, the Professional Alliance went crazy!

The Alliance was filled with experienced gamers that weren’t easily affected.

But today, it wasn’t the same.

“F*ck, what’s this situation? Another all-rounder?”

“Qin Mo, come out and have a chat, why is your Little Spade an all-rounder?!”

“I don’t want to live anymore, I want to be that cool, why am I not an all-rounder?!”