Chapter 652 - Mmh, Mine

Chapter 652: Mmh, Mine

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The Professional Alliance was just messing around in the WeChat group since everyone wanted to loosen up after seven days of intense battle.

But surprisingly… Qin Mo really appeared!


Just one word, calmly.

But the various players couldn’t help rubbing their eyes out.

Chen Yiguang wrote, “Am I seeing things? Is that Qin Mo?”

“No, Yiguang, you aren’t seeing things, a certain someone is really here,” replied Lin Chentao, the top assassin player in the country.

The other Xiangnan Team members were also in the chat, all of them top players.

“Is Spade Z really an all-rounder?” Chen Yiguang asked.

Lin Chentao replied, “Previously he has always been an assassin and with his finger’s agility, he is indeed best suited as an assassin.”

“Is Spade Z also in the chat?” The vice-captain of Xiangnan Team, Zhao Sanpang asked. “He can answer it himself.”

A random person commented, “How can it be, you must have forgotten how old this crowd is… and he’s a high school student.”

“Hey, hey, hey, I’m not old,” Chen Yiguang replied immediately, “I’m 20, that’s a man’s prime.”

Lin Chentao chuckled. “I’m 18, I’m forever 18.”

Mountain Yin: “…”

“Uncle Yin, get rival Qin Mo to drag his Little Spade here!” Zhao Sanpang’s biggest wish was to destroy Qin Mo.

Qin Mo’ deep gaze scanned the chat as he sat in his ward. His long fingers moved, dragging the poker display picture into the chat.

Initially, Bo Jiu hadn’t seen who sent the invitation, hence, she rejected the request.

After rejecting… Bo Jiu realized who had sent the request, so she hurriedly opened a chat with Qin Mo. “…”

Qin Mo lifted a brow, dragging her into the chat again.

This time, Bo Jiu definitely wouldn’t reject, but she didn’t tap in either.

The moment she entered, she realized the IDs in the chat were unusually familiar.

They were all people she was going to compete against in the future, the god-like players.

Back when Feng Yi first explained, she had seen their information.

If those fangirls were to know about this chat, they would definitely go crazy.

Zhao Sanpang: “Hey, Little Spade, do a self-introduction. I am the visual of this group, Handsome Zhao.”

Lin Chentao: “Add a negative in front of visual.”

Zhao Sanpang: “Lin, I’m going to be angry, let’s have a match!”

Lin Chentao: “Come on, who’s afraid, we’ll have a 2v1.”

Zhao Sanpang: “You’re the best a playing numbers, take a look at Little Spade, he has always played 1v2. Both are assassins but both your personalities are worlds apart, come, Little Spade, newcomers have to report their measurements and sexual preference.”

Bo Jiu avoided both questions wittily, a smile spreading across her face. “Is the handsome in Handsome Zhao self-proclaimed?”


“Self-proclaimed isn’t the point.”

“A forced audience!”

The others were here.

In an instant, many others appeared.

Chen Yiguang: “You guys are actually here.”

“Brother Yiguang, sister here just cut her nails just for you and has even painted it rose red. The next time I kill you, the attack will be a level higher. Be careful, my darling.” The person who replied was Luo Luojiang from Xiangnan Team. She was a pretty face matched with fierce fighting style, specifically against Cheng Yiguang.

Chen Yiguang: “That’s cute.”