Chapter 653 - Giving Out Candies

Chapter 653: Giving Out Candies

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Zhao Sanpang ignored the others, sending a serious expression. “I never knew I was this famous! Little Spade, have you heard about me before entering the chat? Do you treat me as your biggest rival before seeing me?”

Qin Mo slouched an arm, tugging onto the laptop with the other, prepared to reply when a row of words appeared.

Spade Z: “I already have my biggest rival ━ my captain.”

Zhao Sanpang: “Good choice, we have the same goal!”

Spade Z: “…”

Xiangnan’s captain Xiao: “Log out, practice.”

After being caught by his boss, Zhao Sanpang immediately pretended to log out.

He was no longer on the chat, sending a private message to Bo Jiu. “Qin Mo’s Little Spade, goodbye, we can have another chat on how to defeat that guy another time.”

Bo Jiu didn’t reply, sending the screenshot over to Qin Mo. “This is totally unlike my impression of the Xiangnan team.”

Qin Mo glanced at the screenshot, replying faintly, “The majority of Xiangnan are still rather normal, but there are always exceptions.”

Which meant that Zhao Sanpang wasn’t normal ━ the Almighty’s vicious tongue was still intact.

Bo Jiu tapped to open the voice note, after hearing his pleasant low voice, she took a moment before taping onto the video call.

Qin Mo, dressed in a patient gown, raised a brow as he accepted the call. Unexpectedly, a fat cat who was deeply entranced by a ball of yarn appeared on the screen.

It was followed by the youngster’s dashing face. “Princess seems unusually interested with anything related to strings, as expected of a cat.”

The chubby cat seemed to have heard someone call his name, he leaped up and caught sight of his master on the youngster’s phone.

He immediately stretched out his neck to purr. Master, this guy treats me as a hand warmer every day. But don’t worry, he won’t go overboard at the moment or shave off my fur, I’m still the world’s most handsome cat!

Bo Jiu pressed his paws down, preventing him from touching her phone.

On the other end of the video call, Qin Mo watched both the person and cat, speaking leisurely, “You guys seem to be getting along rather well.”

Bo Jiu and Princess exchanged a look. Was this how you define rather well?

If a squabble a day and a huge fight every three days were considered getting along, they were indeed getting along well.

Was the Almighty being sarcastic?

Bo Jiu glanced at the dashing looking man, even in a patient gown, he still managed to look heart-achingly handsome.

With the Almighty’s looks, she was more tempted to bring him home.

She found a place to position the phone so that he was clearer.

When she moved, the phone camera happened to capture a huge chunk of her thigh.

Qin Mo’s fingers paused, his gaze deepened before sinking.

He didn’t remind the youngster to move the camera aside, instead, he continued to focus on the screen unwaveringly.

Even if he shut his eyes, the image would still be there.

White, smooth and clean.

Not many boys had legs like that, but there still were.

Besides, the youngster seemed to have a late growth spurt.

He wasn’t very tall either and that area was probably clean as well.

To think he had wanted to compete in size…

Qin Mo lifted his lips, he would give the youngster the chance to compete ━ but on that day, it would definitely be on the bed.