Chapter 655 - Hoshino

Chapter 655: Hoshino

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But the competitors didn’t think the same way as they did, the present happiness from gaming was enough.

Since the teams from the Japanese server were indeed snobbish, it was common for discrimination amongst different servers, but this time, they were clearly targeting the Chinese.

They even announced on the world chat, “Chinese esports has just started, but a few of them are here to embarrass themselves. They’re going to be trashed badly.”

When the five of them saw the message, they sent a challenge.

The other side chuckled. “Since they aren’t afraid of death, I guess I’ll have to fulfill their wishes.”

The moment he ended, a creak sounded, signaling the opening of the door.

Someone came in from outside.

A long slender figure walked in, he seemed to have just woken up and was still dressed in loungewear, looking like an heir, lazy but clean. Who else could it be other than Hoshino?

“What’s with that smile?”

The person in front of the computer lifted his head. “Vice-captain, come and take a look, someone challenged us. Don’t the Chinese know that even the backup team for the Japanese is strong?”

“You’re causing trouble again.” Hoshino lifted a magazine as he replied. “Be careful that it doesn’t backfire, there are strong Chinese players, who aren’t easy to deal with.”

“I can’t tell.” He laughed. “One of them got killed by us many times, he must have felt upset, gathering a team over. Even though he was killed because of his bad teammates, even with a new batch, he can’t win against the Japanese second backup team. That’s practically a pipe’s dream, ah, Vice-captain, the match is going to start, it’s time!”


The background music blasted.

Even on the sofa, Hoshino could hear the battle sounds, but it didn’t affect him as he continued to read his magazine.

Recently, there hadn’t been traces of Z.

Hoshino knew that she had removed her tracks, but it didn’t matter as long as she was safe.

He took yet another magazine, with a hand supporting his chin, he slouched as he browsed through it while the person in front of the computer kept moving his mouth.

Was that his illusion?

Why did time seem to have slowed?

But it didn’t matter. Since they liked to waste time, he would play with them.

“Are you trying to catch me?” He lifted his lips as he focused on the screen. “It won’t be easy!”

Their heavily wounded archer hid inside the tower while Lin Chentao and Yun Hu cursed, “F*ck, he escaped!”

The next second, the tank started bolting from the wilderness, sweeping past the bushes like the wind. With a jump, he pounced.


The Japanese player in front of the computer was stunned.

He had never expected a tower ambush.

Had their tank mistaken himself as an assassin?!

How could he jump at the tower from such a distance?!

In fact, the opponents weren’t the only ones having this reaction.

Even Lin Chentao was confused. “My assassin feels excessive with the tank’s playing style. Shouldn’t the tank be at the front?”

“Mmh? Oh, apologies, I couldn’t help it.” Bo Jiu adjusted her headset. “I’ll be serious this time.”

Lin Chentao: “…”

Your tower ambush was not being serious? Little Spade, the opponents would be infuriated if they heard that!