Chapter 656 - I'll Take A Look

Chapter 656: I’ll Take A Look

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“Let’s go,” the youngster announced as her fingers flew across the controls, moving her character.

He really seemed to be treating the tank as an assassin!

Lin Chentao followed next to the youngster. Wasn’t this tank moving a little too fast?!

Bo Jiu didn’t think she was too fast because how could you be slow when capturing others?

Even without her big move, she could still stop others as a tank.

But of course, a good teammate was necessary.

As the National’s best assassin, Lin Chentao immediately understood the youngster’s tactic. He moved aggressively, executing a big move. When the opponent’s HP started to fall, his HP would automatically recover and with Bo Jiu’s help, they achieved a kill with pikes.


Perfect coordination!

In less than two minutes and even before the beasts in the wilderness were killed, they had already finished off two of them.

Through the video, Qin Mo could see the youngster’s fluidity.

If Lin Chentao as an assassin was a beautiful match with Bo Jiu as the tank, then when the five of them came together in the middle lane, it was perfect.

They headed towards the tower.

Just when the full HP archer was feeling safe, he was knocked out.

Next, the tank executed hid big move.

The tank retreated, allowing the assassin to execute his big move.

The assassin wouldn’t lose much blood from a tower hit.

When he could finally move, he headed straight for the city, but the archer sent a long-range arrow over.

He wasn’t the only death, even their middle lane tower was destroyed!

“Beautiful!” As a sorcerer, Luo Luojiang complimented as she healed her teammates, her every step perfectly timed.

Which meant that everyone that was wounded was healed.

Five of them attacked aggressively!

The opponent smashed his headset!


“What the f*ck?! How did they suddenly become so strong? The five of them are just going for every tower, aren’t they afraid of being ambushed? F*ck, 1v1 if you dare!”

Hoshino sat up, the magazine still in his hands as he swept a glance over, his brows lifted. “You’re dead?”

“It’s my second death!” He clenched his teeth. “They’re so sly, first their archer knocked me out, next, the tank executed a big move followed by the sorcerer’s control. I could barely move and was finished off at the bottom of the tower.”

Hoshino heard the series of actions and was intrigued. “They aren’t bad.”

“Cunning, extremely cunning! Especially that tank, why is a tank moving so quickly?!” He started nibbling on his teacup. “Aren’t tanks supposed to defend in front and die for the teammates behind? I managed to wound him, but it wasn’t anything substantial, nothing that could cause an impact. He hasn’t even died before, what kind of tank is that!”

A tank was supposed to be a trump card that defended the team and should be prepared to die.

Other than the big move, a tank had little attack power.

Even so, under the youngster’s operation, he still managed to kill one, die never, and assist in five death’s.

“We died eight times with six of it linked to him!”

Hoshino lifted a brow. “This tank is good.”