Chapter 657 - They Meet

Chapter 657: They Meet

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“F*ck! The last tower in the middle lane is almost gone! Are they really Chinese?!” He turned to Hoshino. “Vice-captain, help me out or I’m a goner!”

Hoshino didn’t object since they were both players and he wanted to test out their skills. “What character are you playing?”

He hurriedly replied, “Sorcerer, your best character!”

“Pass me your mouse.” Hoshino stood up, positioning himself in front of the computer, a soft glow lighting up the left side of his face, his expression calm.

The moment he took over, the character just left the city.

His long slender fingers typed, “Team, gather!”

It was for the entire team to gather in the middle lane.

With the order, the entire team gathered in a line.

Beside Hoshino, he focused on the screen, his emotions lifted. “Vice-captain, hurry! Attack them! Attack them!”

“Don’t leave the tower,” Hoshino commanded.

The team broke into a frenzy!

“Why does it sound like Hoshino the Great!”

“I think so too!”

“It doesn’t just sound like him, it’s Vice-captain!”

“Hoshino the Great! Hoshino the Great, look here!”

These players turned into fans instantly.

All because of Hoshino.

The Japanese troops were divided into one main strength and backups.

Out of the group that was playing leisurely and bullying others, three belonged to the backup while the other two were the weaker players in the main strength.

Now that Hoshino arrived, what did that mean?

A world class player!

“Now, let’s trash them!”

“One word, kill!”

Hoshino smiled faintly. “Don’t move, you’ll be killed the moment you leave, don’t underestimate them.”

“They aren’t that strong.” They smirked. “We weren’t being serious, now it’s time to show them our true abilities! The tank can’t do anything, let’s target him!”

Another command came.

Hoshino moved the mouse forward, his voice silky. “I’ll control. Tank, move forward and defend. Remember to just defend, don’t leave the tower.”

“Yes.” The tank stood forward, catching sight of the five of them. “Those bast*rds are here, prepare!”

“Alright!” Everyone was ecstasic, preparing to target their tank!

Bo Jiu stood at the front, not prepared to slow down.

When they were approaching, Hoshino commanded, “Archer, knock him out.”

Long distance knockout, he already had his target in sight!

But with a beautiful maneuver, the attack was dodged and the person behind was knocked out.

“F*ck! Little Spade, tell us when you dodge their big move!”

Lin Chentao: “Haha, I dodged it.”

Luo Luojiang: “I dodged, too.”

Yun Hu: “…”

Yun Hu had obviously dodged it as well.

“I swear, I’m not going to such a high-level formation with you guys anymore!”

Lin Chentao: “If we aren’t strong, how can your weakness be shown?”

“F*ck, if I don’t make them pay, I’ll change my name!”

Since he still had time to nag, he must be fine.

Since there wasn’t an assassin at the back lane, they continued to attack!