Chapter 658 - Battle

Chapter 658: Battle

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“Such an agile tank? Is there a mistake?” the Japanese team’s archer nagged.

Hoshino narrowed his eyes, his teammate’s previous death hadn’t been a coincidence, it was the tank’s speed and skills that had caught them off guard.

Hoshino pressed onto his headset. “Assassin.”

“Here,” someone replied.

Hoshino released his arm but didn’t stop speaking. “Head over concealed and enter their bottom lane.”

“No problem!” With a big move, the assassin went invisible, which meant he was no longer on the screen.

“Attack.” Hoshino gave his second command.

According to logic, the chances of winning were quite high since their tank only had half of his HP left and their archer had also lost HP from the previous knock out.

Only their assassin was at the bottom lane as the rest was attacking in the front.

Even if their team wasn’t annihilated, there should at least be four deaths!

But they didn’t realize that the moment the assassin went invisible, the youngster noticed it immediately. “Retreat, protect the archer.”

Everyone was on high alert.

The assassin from the Japanese team would never have guessed that before he had even re-appeared, the archer in front of him turned, knocking him out.

That instant, he was pinned to the spot, his invisibility disappearing.

In the end, he didn’t finish off the archer and was instead killed by both the archer and his aid.

It had happened in the blink of an eye.

The Japanese had already left the tower and the big move had been prepared to finish off their tank.

But after their big move was executed, Bo Jiu moved to the left, sprinting to dodge the attack.

He used the neighboring bushes to conceal himself perfectly.

The next second, he blocked his front.

However, as their sorcerer was still rather skilled, the HP was filled up with a click.

“F*ck, why didn’t you heal just now?!” The tank shouted, it wasn’t easy to wound them, but now they were back to square one.

Hoshino’s eyes sunk. “It wasn’t worth it just now. By healing now, both the archer and tank would be healed.”

Healing required time, it would be more effective to heal two people at once.

To heal so timely, only meant one thing; it wasn’t just the tank, their sorcerer wasn’t weak either.

Hoshino paused. “This isn’t right, retreat.”

But their reactions weren’t immediate, especially the long-range archer in the bottom lane.

He wanted to retreat, but the white-clothed assassin suddenly appeared, executing a big move.

Thus, half of his HP was gone and he was left paralyzed.

That assassin didn’t have any intention of running. He entered the tower heavily wounded and was shot by an incoming arrow!


In just a short few seconds

When the tank and aid from the Japanese team saw the heavily wounded assassin, they wanted to finish him off, forgetting Hoshino’s command to retreat.

“Don’t go.”

The moment the command came…