Chapter 659 - Little Spade Was Indeed Crafty

Chapter 659: Little Spade Was Indeed Crafty

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The two Japanese players entering the jungles were met with Bo Jiu and three others!

What’s the point of killing the assassin? They couldn’t even catch up!

Assassins were known for their speed, so even if he was slightly wounded, the experienced Lin Chentao wasn’t the least bit affected, heading to meet his team before returning to the city to heal up.

As for the two opponents chasing him, they were rather foolish because other than killing, the assassin could also act as bait.

Of course, he wasn’t the one who said that.

He was acting solely on Little Spade’s command.

Little Spade was indeed crafty.

He had to warn his newer teammates to be careful when they played against Little Spade, especially when he ventured far. It was best not to just follow behind.

He could have appeared deliberately for his opponents to see so that they would give chase.

Next, his teammates would finish them off.

He had to say, such despicable methods appealed to him!

Lin Chentao returned to the city with a smile on his face, his voice demonic, causing Luo Luojiang to almost topple off her chair.

Even so, the mighty beauty Luo Luojiang didn’t forget to finish off the opponents.

An incoming fireball appeared, wounding both of them and knocking them out.

At this moment, even if the archer didn’t execute a big move, two arrows were enough to kill one of them.

Unexpectedly, their sorcerer cast a rain spell.

“F*ck! I’m going to die!”

He was doomed.

Unexpectedly, the youngster’s tank lowered himself, not onto the heavily wounded but the sorcerer.

It was simply perfect!

The rain spell was broken and with an arrow, the opponent died.

At this moment, Luo Luojiang executed a big move!

The tank who had wanted to kill the archer paused and retreated heavily wounded.

If he hadn’t sprinted, he would have died.

Their sorcerer has the highest HP and with his skills, it was simply amazing.

If he hadn’t appeared, even the tank would have been finished off.

Besides, the outcome was obvious.

Three of the backup troops from the Japanese were killed but none of the Chinese had died, their assassin Lin Chentao was also fully healed.

This meant that they could continue to kill off the last player protecting the tower.

The next second, Lin Chentao paused, glancing at the retreating person, his brows slightly lifted. “Did their sorcerer become smarter?”

“Indeed, I was almost killed by his rain just now, it was so timely, he made sure we were all in position before executing his big move. Our HP were falling so rapidly under his rain. If it hadn’t been for Little Spade, he would have killed two of us and heavily wounded another. Fortunately, Little Spade broke his spell!”

The youngster let out a laugh, not the least bit humble. “I played the sorcerer before, slightly weaker than he is though.”

“An all-rounder, yeah!” Lin Chentao wanted to grab his mouse.

The youngster lowered his voice. “Be careful of his freezing skill, let’s not kill this time, stay away and attack for the tower.”

Lin Chentao narrowed her. “No, he wasn’t this good just now.”

“Yes, it’s a drastically different fighting style.” Bo Jiu shifted her left hand forward, tapping the mouse with her right hand. “Someone else must have taken over.”