Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Almighty Qin Said No More Flirting at The Company!

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At the top floor of the Qin Group, in the massive office, Secretary Liang clearly saw his CEO’s finger pause while he was texting.

Why was his indifferent facial expression starting to turn nasty too?

Just what…happened?

Secretary Liang subconsciously thought about the online dating commotion…

Qin Mo was still looking at that text as he raised his eyebrows. “The Qin Group is no place for you to flirt around.” The fingers he used for texting exerted extra strength, and his gaze was still so frigid. “Understand?”

Fu Jiu saw the words he texted back. Popping her lollipop in her mouth, she replied coolly, “Don’t worry, Almighty, there’s no one more handsome than you here. If I do flirt, I’ll flirt with you because you’re the big fish.”

Big fish?

Who would like to be described in such a way?

Did a biology teacher teach this guy Chinese or something?

Qin Mo’s fingers tightened, and a cold beam of light swept through his eyes.

Secretary Liang was standing beside him and only thought the way his CEO looked at the phone screen was like he was looking at a dying animal. He even made a bystander tremble from the bottom of his heart.

So what did that person on the other side of WeChat do this time to piss the CEO off?

CEO was obviously in a bright mood this morning. Why did his mood… turn cold all of a sudden?

Qin Mo opened the door of the conference room with one hand while sending a message with his other. He then raised up his head and looked at Secretary Liang with his deep pool-like eyes. He sounded chilly as he said, “Pass my order to the team. If anyone flirts at the company in the future, I will deduct his pay. ”

“Hah? Ok!”

After Secretary Liang had taken note of the order, he felt baffled.


All the team members were intensely training their gaming skills to prepare for the upcoming city competition, and everyone was staying in the company. Who would have the spare time to flirt?

Moreover, they were a bunch of boys. Just who should they flirt with?

At the very least, they still needed a few girls to flirt with.

At that moment, Fu Jiu was still sitting on the cold bench, looking at the message Almighty Qin just sent over. She lifted the corner of her mouth, and her fingers were dancing on the phone. “Go have your meeting first, I’m fine here. I should be able to pass.”

There was no need to trouble a god with trivialities. Almighty was for her to make money with. She couldn’t just use him for a fling without a thought.

Even though this god had promised to meet up with her after the meeting, Fu Jiu still saw this as a tiny contest which she could pass easily.

Besides, didn’t Manager Feng intend to sign her this whole time?

He would let her pass no matter what.

She knew that the other party didn’t have time to reply anymore, so Fu Jiu casually put her phone away and quietly waited for her number to be called.

The boy’s face tuned all red next to her. “I-I-I am not pretty, I-I-I-m average. ”

“You look better without the glasses.” Fu Jiu turned to him, her silver hair catching the light. “You have a good foundation.”

The boy got little shy. “Th-th-th—anks.”

“No problem. ” Fu Jiu reached her hand out to put all the computer parts into her bag.

The boy asked again, “Wh-wh-which area are you in?”

“For Hero, you mean? Zone C.”

The boy widened his eyes abruptly, and he lowered his voice mysteriously. “Th-th-that Spade Z is in Zone C, do-do you-you-you know about him?”