Chapter 660 - Number One Team in Asia

Chapter 660: Number One Team in Asia

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“Probably,” Beauty Luo Luojiang spoke, “This person has precise movement and strategy. Honestly, he might be a better sorcerer than I am, just that I managed to develop the character during the early stages. If we met at the start, I wouldn’t be too sure about the chances.”

Lin Chentao lifted a brow. “A sorcerer better than you? Is this even possible? Sister Luoluo, you are the best Chinese sorcerer. If he is better than you, he must be within the world ranking. but why would a player in the world ranking be playing here?”

Luo Luojiang lifted her lips. “It does seem illogical but, Chentao, don’t forget, we’re on the Japanese server.”

“You mean we might have met the Japanese team?” The number one team in Asia?!

Luo Luoying narrowed her eyes. “They shouldn’t be the main team as the main team wouldn’t be this weak.”

“They aren’t that bad,” Yun Hu spoke, “Don’t forget our troop formation, the backup teams within our country wouldn’t have stood a chance, they would be finished off in less than five minutes. They managed to last for such a long while, this is probably the difference between the esports in both country. Our country is still lacking in this aspect.”

Lin Chentao paused. “Before you guys came, these backups managed to finish me off. How amazing is their main strength?”

“I have no idea.” The archer seemed to be wondering as well.

Yun Hu replied deeply, “We’ll have to ask Luoluo, she is the only one who has competed against the Japanese.”

Luo Luojiang took two seconds. “I had never been trashed that badly before.”

Everyone other than Bo Jiu paused.

Luo Luoying wasn’t afraid to share her embarrassing past. “The Japanese, all of their members are like the top players in our nation, both their captain and vice-captain have world-class players. None of our nation’s players have been given that title. Even Qin Mo, who has missed out on the competition, was disqualified from the ranking. When you ask me how strong they are, I can only say that they are untouchable.”

“Haven’t you met one of them?” The youngster touched her fringe, a devilishly ravishing expression on her face. “Brothers, enough chatting, wait for your revival and we’ll come up with another plan. I’ll get tired even with my looks.”

“Meow!” Princess forced herself into the screen.

Everyone broke out into laughter, their anger returning.

After gathering, the middle lane was smooth all the way to their city.

“Their sorcerer is here!” Lin Chentao couldn’t explain the chill he felt when he saw the sorcerer standing there; it was probably the freeze attack from before, which took away half of his HP. This sorcerer was way too dangerous.

Furthermore, he had amazing control over his rain spell, it really was a tricky situation.

“If he really is stronger than you, I mean if,” Lin Chentao asked as he ambushed, “Sister Luoluo, who do you think he is?”

Luo Luojiang spoke softly, “The top sorcerer of the Japanese server, Hoshino.”