Chapter 661 - Competition Outcome

Chapter 661: Competition Outcome

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The moment she heard that name, Bo Jiu’s screen turned black.

She wasn’t the only one who heard it, even Qin Mo on the other end of the video chat heard the name: Hoshino.

The youngster’s pause was obvious. In fact, it was so obvious that even Qin Mo’s hands paused.

But soon after, the youngster turned to the left.

The coldness in Qin Mo’s eyes dissipated slightly.

The moment Bo Jiu turned, Princess lifted his arrogant cat face, a plug dangling in his mouth, looking ferocious!

He seemed to say “This is my land, ignorant human, give in to me.”

Bo Jiu lifted a brow.

If she replugged the power source and logged in… that didn’t seem plausible.

Qin Mo was still watching on the other side of the video. When the youngster leaned her elbows back, his chilly voice asked, “What’s wrong? Not playing anymore?”

Bo Jiu held onto the phone, directing over at Princess. “The power source is in someone’s mouth.”

Qin Mo took a moment before remarking, “He has become naughtier after following you.”

Bo Jiu stood up. “Brother Mo, honestly speaking, isn’t he more crafty than I am? Whenever he is with you, he would be obedient, allowing you to caress him, but once he is left with me, he becomes a little ball of arrogance.”

Qin Mo replied calmly, “It’s the difference in the aura.”

“What aura?” Bo Jiu took a sip of water, leaning against the bookshelf.

Qin Mo placed the proposal aside, passing it over to deputy Zhang, replying leisurely, “Your aggressive aura.”

Bo Jiu: “…”

“Your WeChat is ringing.” Before the youngster could react, Qin Mo swiped his tablet. “They’re looking for you.”

Bo Jiu suddenly realized that power shortage was considered fraud within the gaming world.

She took her cup over, tapping into her WeChat group.

A long stretch of ‘Little Spade’ appeared, especially Lin Chentao, who spammed three lines.

“F*ck! Little Spade, how’s your situation? Disconnected? How can you disconnect at such a crucial moment?”

“Without Little Spade defending at the front, it just doesn’t feel safe.”

“I have never missed you so much before! Little Spade!”

Other than Lin Chentao, there were also other members, but the others were more reserved with each of them sending six dots.

Bo Jiu caressed her nose bridge, starting to type, “Apologies, the power got cut off.”

“Power… cut off?” Lin Chentao had on a “Stop joking or we’ll treat you the same way” expression.

Bo jiu snapped a photo of Princess, who was still trying to bend the plug into different shapes.

Lin Chentao response came immediately. “What’s with the cat? Why is he still playing with the plug! Can’t he take our feelings into account!”

“He clearly didn’t,” Bo Jiu replied.

Lin Chentao took ten seconds to think before sending a crying expression.

Someone joined the fun. “Brother Tao, are you crying after being bullied?”

“No, we won,” Lin Chentao replied proudly.

Lin Feng: “Then why are you still crying?”

“He died the most number of times,” Yun Hu replied indifferently.

Lin Feng: “As expected of Lin Chentao.”

Coco: “Agreed!”

Chen Yiguang: “Agreed!”

Zhao Sanpang: “Absolutely agreed!”

Lin Chentao: “Shut up!”

Zhao Sanpang: “Come on, bite me!”