Chapter 662 - Impression of Hoshino

Chapter 662: Impression of Hoshino

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Lin Chentao: “I’m going to avenge myself.”

Zhao Sanpang: “Wawawa, you can’t hit me.”

Xiangnan’s captain Xiao appeared, asking calmly, “Practice?”

Zhao Sanpang disappeared instantly!

Lin Chentao burst into laughter!

Then Luo Luoying appeared. “I just asked him.”

“What is it?” Lin Chentao asked.

Luo Luojiang sent a bandit expression. “He really is Hoshino.”

The youngster didn’t pause this time, instead, he asked naturally, “How do you know?”

Luo Luojiang laughed as she sent a voice note over. “When I asked, he didn’t reply me. Under normal circumstances, when someone is faced with such a question, he would definitely deny it, but he didn’t even acknowledge my question.”

Spade Z: “Anyways, with regards to his strategy.”

World’s Most Handsome Fatty: “F*ck, why didn’t you tell me Hoshino was there?!”

Lin Chentao: “Hehehe, is it alright for your username to be so hypocritical? Zhao Sanpang!”

World’s Most Handsome Fatty: “Who is Zhao Sanpang? I have never heard of him before.”

Lin Chentao: “Act, continue to act.”

World’s Most Handsome Fatty: “Don’t sweat the details, let’s talk about Hoshino!”

Xiangnan’s captain Xiao: “Let’s talk about your training, last warning.”

This time, Zhao Sanpang really went offline, but the Professional Alliance weas wrapped up in a discussion after Hoshino was mentioned.

Someone asked, “Is he really him?”

Luo Luojiang: “His battle style is similar.”

“What’s his level like?”

Luo Luojiang: “After Little Spade disconnected, it was a 1v3 against us. He died, but we were almost dead as well.”

“… Amazing.”

Silence fell over them.

Although Luo Luojiang, Yun Hu and Lin Chentao were all top players within the country, the three of them together were barely Hoshino’s match.

This disparity was appalling.

Just Hoshino alone was enough to send them into such jeopardy.

Exactly how strong were the Japanese?

Their emotions were strung tight.

Chen Yiguang spoke first, “After the National League, there would be a match against the Japanese. I wonder what the reason behind this arrangement is.”

“The Japanese initiated it.” Luo Luojiang’s voice sunk. “They are currently on their world tour. After the match against the Koreans, it’ll be our turn. They wish for our cooperation and won’t be sending their best troops, they specifically emphasized on this being a friendly cultural exchange.”

Lin Chentao lifted his brows. “Cultural exchange, hehehe.”

“Let’s win against them, regardless of who is battling.”

Bo Jiu agreed while Lin Chentao smiled. “I’ll go practice now, Little Spade, see you in the semis.”

“See you in the semis.”

The moment she replied, a familiar voice remarked, “You seem very concerned about Hoshino.”

That silky smooth voice, calm as always.

Bo Jiu lifted her head. The Almighty was looking at her, his expression deep, his eyes dark, giving off a magnetising devilish vibe. Even dressed in a white hospital gown, his oppression and sensitivity still managed to show through.

“A little.” A carefree smile spread across her face. “He is a player I like. After all, he is good looking and has great skills.”


Qin Mo’s left hand slumped downwards, forming ripples in the cup he held.