Chapter 663 - Turn Gay for Me?

Chapter 663: Turn Gay for Me?

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The youngster’s response caught him off guard.

Qin Mo’s gaze fell.

Bo jiu wasn’t aware of his change, it was over a screen, after all, and all her attention was placed on the question the Almighty had asked.

Unexpectedly, the Almighty didn’t continue the questioning.

It was better for her, but there was one point: With so many rounds of competition, Bo Jiu was more attuned to the basics of the system.

During the National League, the Japanese would attend as special guests.

There was a possibility she and Hoshino would…

“You have so many people you like.”

The low voice was breaking her thoughts, the words not sounding like a compliment.

“I believe in universal love.” Those with a dark history couldn’t afford to be sad.

Qin Mo replied calmly, “From universal love to a confession ambassador, you really are amazing, wall-climbing student. Do you need another nickname to be immortalized?”

Bo Jiu: …

Who would want their dark history written as a dark history and be immortalized?

The Almighty was just teasing her again.

For the second half of the conversation, Bo Jiu realized how vicious the Almighty could be.

Next, he started reading out names leisurely, listing all the girls she had confessed to.

Bo Jiu promised, “That is all in the past.”

“Oh? Am I also on your past name list?” Qin Mo asked slowly.

Bo Jiu laughed. “Brother Mo, don’t worry, you will always be in the present.”

“Is that it?” Qin Mo laughed, his voice magnetizing. “Since it’s like that, why not turn gay for me?”

In that instant, Bo Jiu’s heart stilled, but it quickly returned to normal.

The Almighty was getting better at flirting; she almost fell into his trap.

“Brother Mo, you can’t crack such jokes randomly.”

Qin Mo glanced over, the youngster unwrapped a lollipop, stuffing it into her mouth. That suave movement seemed to treat him as a joke.

It was good that he treated it as such as the moment it left his mouth, he realized the problem: It was best to ask such questions in person.

If it wasn’t in person, who could ensure that someone would escape through the night after realizing his seriousness.

Qin Mo stuffed his earplugs in, changing the topic. “Is there any problem with the competition?”

“Not at the moment.” Bo Jiu didn’t intend to tell the Almighty, mainly since there wasn’t a need. She would get it all back after the competition ended.

Qin Mo glanced at Bo Jiu, noticing the redness in her eyes, and frowned. “Use some eye drops.”

“Again?” Bo Jiu nagged, the Almighty was even stricter than He Honghua.

Qin Mo placed his cup down, repeating, “Use some now.”

It really wasn’t convenient for one person to drip eye drops.

Hence, Bo Jiu had an eye shut as she continued the video chat.

She really had to say, the Almighty had a magnetic voice.

At the beginning, Bo Jiu could still hear the contents, but soon her eyelids started to droop.

Bo Jiu didn’t know that while she slept, at the other end of the video call, Qin Mo would catch occasional glimpses of her even during his meeting.

It was a gaze filled with love and indulgence, which sent chills through Deputy Zhang who stood beside him.