Chapter 665 - The Almighty Hasn't Taught Me the Helper

Chapter 665: The Almighty Hasn’t Taught Me the Helper

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As usual, there would be a short interview after each match, this time especially as one of the matches would enter the semis.

It was a match of utmost importance.

Both the fans and the media were concerned with Bo Jiu’s character during the next match.

“Are you going to use the helper next?” The host asked with a smile since the youngster had finished all the other characters.

In front of the camera, the youngster reached out to pull the white cat back, her voice lazy. “Not going to.”

“Not going to?” The host paused. “Why not?”

Bo Jiu glanced at the pretty host, replying seriously, “Before the Almighty left, he didn’t teach me how to play the helper.”

Hearing that, it wasn’t just the host, even the old fox Manager Feng was stunned!

When the pretty host finally found her voice, she asked, “You mean that the characters you have been playing were taught by Almighty Qin recently?”

Bo Jiu lifted her lids absent-mindedly. “Mmh, only the tank managed to catch my playing style, I haven’t mastered both the sorcerer and the archer yet. Once there is time, I’ll spend some time on it.”

The pretty host: “…”

The conversation couldn’t seem to carry on!

He managed to become the MVP of every match, but still claimed to not have mastered the characters!

The others couldn’t seem to understand that the youngster really hadn’t mastered the roles since Bo Jiu’s best character was still the assassin.

After watching the interview, the official Weibo exploded once more.

“As a fan of the MoJiu couple, there’s only one line in my eyes, ‘Before the Almighty left, he didn’t teach me how to play the helper.'”

“Big Spade, don’t cry, the Almighty will teach you once he is back. So behave, pats head.”

“He managed to become an all-rounder in such a short period, it’s simply amazing!”

Han Susu and Wu Zhen held onto their phones, the former couldn’t help replying, “Hehe, he must be bluffing, how can he become an all-rounder in just a short few days? Spade Z, you’re so hypocritical!”

Before fans of Spade Z could respond, Qin fans replied, “Spade Z started off as an assassin and in order to master this character, the player has to have a high level of operational skill. Plus, with Spade Z’s hand speed, he just has to understand the nature of the other characters and their big moves, add that to the all-rounder Almighty Qin’s guidance, it wouldn’t be hard to reach his current status in a short few days. Let me clarify, I’m a Qin fan, not a random passerby. Tossing everything aside, I just wanted to say one thing: There is a slight change in Spade Z during this competition and that is the geometrical attacking style.”

“That’s Almighty Qin’s specialty!”

“A dumb person can never understand how intellects attack geometrically during a game!”

“Am I the only one that noticed, this is the first time my Almighty Qin taught someone personally?”

“Say no more! They’re so filled with love!”


Han Susu chucked her phone aside. “These couple fans are crazy, what is filled with love!”

Han Susu could sense the displeasure on Wu Zhen, she turned and tugged her arm. “Sister Wu, they just don’t know about your existence, you and Brother Qin are the real couple! What is that gay?!”

Wu Zhen broke into a smile, placing the coffee cup down. “Why haven’t you taken action during the recent competitions?”

“Their checks are too stringent.” Han Susu was enraged once again. “Ever since the previous incident, those fans were removed by that annoying Feng Yi. Isn’t he overdoing for a manager?” She lowered her voice. “Sister Wu, previously you mentioned that the gay could be arrested, when will that take action?”