Chapter 666 - Bo Jiu Takes Action

Chapter 666: Bo Jiu Takes Action

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“It depends on the higher-ups,” Wu Zhen continued, reading the official Weibo, her gaze deep and sinister. “We’re just going by the books.”

Han Susu broke into a smile. “Of course, you have always been upright, but such a person deserves to be punished. He never once reciprocated all the love I poured into him, such cold-bloodedness. If he falls for a female, I could still snatch him over, but he ended up going for guys, Brother Qin at that, that’s simply asking for too much.”

What was wrong with the Han family, weren’t they eligible enough?

She spent so much to support him and he didn’t just ignore her efforts, so it had ended in this state.

“Sister Wu, don’t worry. Before you arrest him, I’ll make him pay for offending us!”

Han Susu relied on her power and wealth to garner support, such as when she interacted with Spade fans in the past.

But the youngster didn’t agree to her ways, which ignited displeasure within her. Thus, once she discovered the youngster’s sexuality, she exploded predictably.

There were many types of girls in this world, and one type was Han Susu.

Bo Jiu never intended to interact with her because she had seen through her personality.

After several interactions, Han Susu started to despise Xue Yaoyao even though she hadn’t even offended her.

Using money to solve problems wasn’t a problem, but there were those that expect repayment for the money they put in.

Bo Jiu didn’t put herself out for sale as she was a professional gamer, not a service provider.

Hence, when some Spade fans came to her house.

Bo Jiu glanced at Chen Xiaodong, standing up gradually with a hand in her pocket. “Could you repeat, who is outside?”

“Young Master, it seems to be your ex fans,” Chen Xiaodong whispered, “They demand an explanation.

Bo Jiu chuckled. “Explanation? They block my house to ask for an explanation?”

The youngster narrowed her eyes, her gaze sharp. “Alright, I’ll give them an explanation.”


Chen Xiaodong rubbed his eyes, that sinister aura didn’t seem like he was going to give an explanation, it seemed as though he was picking a fight!

There was a group of them wreaking havoc and around half of them were Han Susu’s friends while the rest were ex Spade fans.

They were all repeating the same words. “How can you do this to us after all our love?”

Bo Jiu didn’t spare them any mercy.

Without a single word, he punched the man pushing her chauffeur Wang.

That punch was vicious.

His face skewed from the punch!

The Spade fans screamed, “How can you beat someone, you…”

Before they could finish, Bo Jiu chuckled, her voice chilly. “Coincidentally, there’s a surveillance camera at the gates. How you made trouble and how you pushed Uncle Wang has all been captured. The spectacles at my feet belong to him, my actions aren’t too much. You should be glad you are girls or I would have given all of you a punch.” The youngster flicked his hands, pulling Uncle Wang, his eyes cold and distant. “Xiaodong.”

“Young master, I am here.”