Chapter 667 - Period is Here?

Chapter 667: Period is Here?

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Bo Jiu glanced up. “Call the police.”

The so-called Spade fans smirked. “I never expected you to treat us like that. What did we do for you to call the police?”

Bo Jiu walked over. “You’re in junior high?”

The girl who was obviously already in university stilled. “What do you mean?”

“I was curious, but it seems like you are already of age,” Bo Jiu spoke calmly, “Just right, they will detain you 15 days for trespassing.”

An indent formed in the girl’s fingers as tears poured down her face. “After all our love!”

“The word love is about to cry from humiliation.” Bo Jiu glared sharply. “I don’t care if you harass me in public, but you barge into my home and hurt my people. Being used for the first time can be pushed off as being naive, but being used continually to hurt others is just pitiful and wrong. You can treat me however you like, but what gives you the rights to hurt my family? Your indiscriminate love?”

“We will definitely become anti-fans!”

The police arrived, but they continued to shout.

Bo Jiu carried Princess who was still prancing about. “Hurry and convert, I feel helpless about your love.”

Chen Xiaodong wanted to burst out laughing, the youngster’s helplessness was obvious.

But his Young Master’s nonchalant next line seemed to confuse him.

“Follow them to the police station and wait outside, there will be someone coming to bail them out. Let me know who that person is.”

Bo Jiu caressed the snowy white cat, her attitude indifferent, but Chen Xiaodong couldn’t understand. “Young Master, how do you know someone will bail them out? It doesn’t seem possible, they don’t seem that old, it should take a while before their parents would be notified.”

“The person making use of them doesn’t need to be notified.” Bo Jiu pressed the cat’s tail down. “Aren’t you going over?”


His Young Master didn’t really intend to keep them captive, but wanted to use this chance to sieve out the mastermind behind the actions.

Somehow Chen Xiaodong felt like his Young Master was leaving them some leeway.

If he hadn’t, the Young Master would have gone to the lawyers, even if someone was going to bail them out

He wouldn’t have allowed anyone to bail them out.

But his Young Master was indeed ruthless.

What were his intentions on getting them arrested?

After the previous board meeting, Chen Xiaodong had seen the Young Master with a renowned lawyer who was said to have never lost a case before.

But he didn’t take on every case as money wasn’t his main motivation.

How exactly did his Young Master get to know him and how did he manage to convince that lawyer?

It still remained a mystery to Chen Xiaodong.

Actually, how could a hacker not have a good lawyer?

Bo Jiu’s ways were simple.

She agreed to get news of his ex-wife.

This way, they could be considered partners.

But what sort of beauty would abandon such a hot lawyer?

“It was probably because he wasn’t as dashing as the Almighty,” Bo Jiu muttered as she hugged the cat, her body stilling from the pain in her abdomen.

Princess reached out her paws, swearing not to be a hand warmer anymore.

But the youngster seemed a little different today.

Instead of using him as a hand warmer, she used him as a tummy warmer. What was with this situation?