Chapter 668 - Retribution

Chapter 668: Retribution

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Every female with coldness in their body would know that the real pain didn’t come on the day their period came but rather the day before.

After Bo Jiu cleaned up, she carried Princess to her room.

Princess assumed that she would open up her laptop and find an image or perhaps create the basement where she could chase after a ball.

Instead, the youngster went straight for the bed and under the covers, her side view looking sickly and pale.

Honestly, when the youngster with weird scent didn’t play with him, Princess couldn’t get used to it.

He tilted his head left and right, watching her; his big round face arrogant as though in deep thought.

After he finished thinking, he reached a paw out, using his cushion to pat the youngster’s face.

But the youngster didn’t react.

Princess wasn’t the least bit like a ruler, he glanced at the youngster once more, dragging out his purring, “Meow~!”

It was a low purr. With a leap, he climbed onto the bed, curling his warm body before stuffing himself into the youngster’s embrace.

Forget it, I’ll take care of you on behalf of my master.

Bo Jiu was experiencing cramps when a call woke her up.

It was a call from the little housekeeper Chen Xiaodong.

“Young Master! I saw it! The person that came to bail them out came!”

Bo Jiu opened her eyes, wisps of silvery hair dangling downwards. “Who is it?”

Chen Xiaodong sounded incredulous. “It’s Miss Han, but that’s odd, doesn’t she really like you? She had even wanted me to assist you, how can it…”

“So it’s her.” There wasn’t any emotion in her voice when she interrupted him. She glanced over at the clock. “Xiaodong, head over to lawyer Bai and tell him I want to sue Miss Han. Get him to use the evidence from before, as for the statement, he’ll know what to do.”

Chen Xiaodong nodded his head. “Mmh, mmh.” After hanging up, he realized his Young Master’s voice sounded raspier than usual.

Was he sick?

Chen Xiaodong frowned, his Young Master couldn’t fall sick right now as he still had a match tomorrow.

But anyone in this situation would be emotionally affected.

He was already heartbroken when his Young Master was drenched in coke.

This time, they had even come to their house.

It was too much!

Han Susu had to be punished for her deeds!

If it was lawyer Bai, they shouldn’t be afraid of Han family’s influence…

Chen Xiaodong hastened his steps.

After bailing her friends out, Han Susu tried to calm them down before bringing them for drinks.

“I never expected Big Spade to be so heartless.” Han Susu sighed. “Is such a person really worthy of our love?”

The other Spade fans lowered their lids, their anger brimming deep inside them.

Han Susu suppressed her smile, pushing a fruit plate over. “Have some fruits, there are other players in the esports industry, he isn’t the only one.”

Han Susu felt resentment.

The crazy fun was about to start as she prepared to bring the group over to karaoke.

Just then, two police officers headed towards her.

Behind the two police was a well-clothed man.

He was dashing, with flirty eyes and thin lips. Even though he had single eyelids, it matched his look, appearing cool.