Chapter 669 - Period Is Here

Chapter 669: Period Is Here

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Han Susu smiled, prepared to hook up with him, but he spoke first, “My client wishes to sue you for defamation and instigating others for harassment. Would you and your friends had over to the station?”

They just left, but had to head back? What exactly was this?

Han Susu obviously wouldn’t agree. “Why are you making me go back when I paid the bail? Do you even know who I am or who my brother is? You dare to sue me? I’ll let you perish in the lawyer world!”

“It’s called the judicial circle, not lawyer world,” he corrected while reaching out to press his black earplugs. “Don’t you fans have any general knowledge?”

Bo Jiu sat upright. “I see you have caught them.”

“Of course.” He turned, his voice crystal clear. “She even gave me a rundown of her background.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow, that really sounded like Han Susu.

Lawyers didn’t like it when someone kept repeating the same thing and with such gusto, as if she was invincible.

Han Susu was still shouting, but this time, it was directed at the police.

He walked forward with just one line. “I can even sue your brother, much less to say you.”

Han Susu froze as she didn’t think anyone in Jiang City would dare to arrest her and she would never have expected such a circumstance after leaving the police station.

Her gusto disappeared instantly, leaving only fear.

Han Susu was arrested.

As a police officer, Wu Zhen would definitely have heard, but she had been transferred to the crime squad, so this matter was no longer within the scope of her tasks.

When she finally caught sight of Han Susu, she was already done with her statement.

During the interrogation, those not related to the case weren’t allowed access.

Hence, even if Wu Zhen came, she still had to wait until the lawyer was done before she could see Han Susu.

What worried Wu Zhen the most was the lawyer as Wu Zhen was aware of how hard he was to deal with.

Who exactly got him here?!

Wu Zhen was still in her uniform, hence, she couldn’t make it too obvious. Once Lawyer Bai left, she immediately used her connections to meet Han Susu.

Han Susu treated her as a savior the moment she appeared. “Sister Wu, give them some money, get them to let me out. This isn’t a place for humans!”

“It isn’t about the money.” Wu Zhen scanned the statement. She thought about the others, her gaze sinking. “The lawyer isn’t easy to deal with, the questions he asked are all criminal questions. I don’t think I can get you out at the moment or he’ll catch on.”

“Who else other than that disgusting gay!” Han Susu clenched her fists. “I heard their conversation! He’s the client that got him to arrest me! Great, great, I’ll make him pay when I’m out!”

A sinister aura clouded over Wu Zhen. “Since it’s like this, let’s make him pay!”

The skies started to dim while in the Bo family’s mansion, Bo Jiu pressed onto her stomach, she knew it was it…