Chapter 67 - Manager Puts Obstacles in Fu Jiu’s Way

Chapter 67: Manager Puts Obstacles in Fu Jiu’s Way

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Fu Jiu coughed without saying a word. Well, should she say that she knew him or that she did not?

The boy's eyes were shining as he continued stuttering, "He-he-he's awesome. I heard that he was coming to the internal signing event too. I-I-I really want to see what he looks like!"

Fu Jiu paused and laughed. "Why do you care so much about a newbie?"

"He-he-he's no newbie!" That boy's expression turned agitated. "I-I-I think he's godly! I-I-I really like him!"

Hearing that, Fu Jiu lifted her arm and patted that boy's shoulder. "Thanks."

The boy didn't get it.Why did he thank him?

Just as he was contemplating over it, someone came out from the inside, looking like he had just gone through an interrogation. He was being led around by a manager.

Fu Jiu had seen that manager when she was getting her hard drives. He was the one with Fu Ximing at Computer City.

She narrowed her eyes at him.

The boy thought that she was interested in the manager, so he said in a low voice, "That-that-that is the team manager, in-in-in charge of the first round. Those guys who just walked out had a reference letter. I-I-I don't have one, so I'm among the last to go in!"

Manager Li saw Fu Jiu too, and he couldn't be happier. He raised up his wrist and checked the time on his watch. "The rest of you, please come in and pay attention. Don't break any of the company's computers."

Club examination round one—hand maneuvering speed.

Of course, touch typing was the most basic skill.

All the players looked nervous.

Whether they could get into the strongest alliance team all depended on today's challenge!

The club gave each one of them an account and allowed them to log into the games.

But the game they were logging into was not Hero, but QQX51!

It was used to test the speed of their hands and fingers.

Fu Jiu thought this was a good idea. After all, she had used X5 to train her fingers to enhance her hacking skills.

Therefore, QQ X5 wasn't anything difficult for her.

However, Fu Jiu was accustomed to setting it on the highest level. This way, her fingers would be more flexible.

The office was full of clicking sounds coming off the keyboards all being hit at the same time!

After each round, the computer would show the player's hand speed.

Each player could play for three rounds, and the best result out of three was picked.

Of course, the players could only see their own screens.

They didn't know that among them, there was an abnormal player whose speed had reached 90%.

That abnormal one was of course our Lord Jiu.

Fu Jiu only played one round to be able to maintain a particular speed, so she stood up first and filled out the hand speed sheet, which she then handed over to that manager.

That Manager Li looked at her harshly. "The test has three rounds so you can get the best speed!"

"Each round would be the same for me," Fu Jiu sounded calm, "And it's up to me to decide on which result I submit, so it doesn't violate any rule if I choose the result of the first round."

Manager Li laughed coldly. He was deliberately creating trouble for Fu Jiu. "If I said you should do three rounds, then you do three rounds! Don't think that your hand speed is fast enough just because you are the fastest among these players. Our club needs humble and talented game lovers, not arrogant show-offs like you. You want to show the examiner how good you are by handing in your result so early? Then you must have calculated incorrectly, because I never judge by what's happening on the surface!"