Chapter 671 - Demonic Youngster

Chapter 671: Demonic Youngster

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“What other identities could I have.” The youngster leaned back, a snowy white fat cat in her arms. Dressed in a black t-shirt, she lifted her lips, looking like a demon in comics, ravishing and devilish, her eyes aglow. “I’m just a normal high school student.”


Princess lifted his head. Have you seen your expression when you said that? It wasn’t normal at all.

At nighttime at the police station in the Capital.

Han Susu would never have expected the seriousness of the situation.

She belonged to the Han family.

But why didn’t anyone seem afraid of her?

And, where was her brother?

Why hadn’t he appeared yet?

Han Susu was starting to get irritated from the cold, her hands rubbing the table. “Phone! I want to make a call! I want to call my lawyer!”

Miss Han had always been spoilt, thus disregarding the police officers.

Those on duty weren’t willing to give in to her wishes, especially since there were many cases they had to tend to and no one had the time to humor her.

Han Susu couldn’t sit still, starting to cause trouble.

They couldn’t take her nonsense, tossing a phone over as they watched over her.

Han Susu grabbed onto the phone, pressing a familiar stream of numbers, the line rang three times before going through. “Brother, what exactly are you guys doing, do you know…”

“Susu.” Before she could finish, she was cut off. “Something happened at home, you’ll have to suffer another day.”

Han Susu wasn’t willing. “Brother, I’m your sister, what can be more important than me? What do you mean by suffering another day? Do you know how old and cold this place is? I don’t care, give them some money, call a lawyer, hurry and get me out of here!”

The line remained silent.

Han Susu started to feel infuriated. “Brother, what’s wrong? Say something!”

“I won’t get you a lawyer.” It wasn’t the same person at the opposite end, it was an old voice that belonged to a female. “I have always known you inherited your mother’s nature, but I never expected it to be so dirty. You instigated others to do horrible things. How did the Han family end up with someone like you?”

Han Susu felt a chill running down her back. “Grandmother…”

“Don’t call me grandmother!” Old Madam Han retorted harshly. “You’ll have to suffer the consequences.”

Han Susu paled, she never expected her grandma to be back. Ever since she was young, her grandmother had never liked her.

Han Susu had never seen such an evil old woman, constantly restricting her.

During her 16th birthday, she invited her friends over for her party to flaunt her wealth, but this old woman insisted that parties weren’t allowed in the Han family.

Han Susu clenched her fingers, she knew her grandmother would never pity her hence she shouted, “Dad, Dad!”

Her father had always doted on her ━ thus even if her grandmother was back, he would still side her

Another voice came to the phone. “Susu, keep quiet, stop shouting.”

Han Susu started to wail. “Dad, how can Grandmother be so heartless, she just wants to keep me here!”

As the call was on speaker, Old Madam Han heard what she said and her eyes dimmed.

The next moment, she stood up with her walking stick, her voice calm. “I don’t wish to care about a granddaughter that constantly accuses others. You can do whatever you want, but I will not go to the Qin family to plead for her, I’m going to save myself from that embarrassment.”