Chapter 672 - Wealth Wouldn’t Live Past Three Generations

Chapter 672: Wealth Wouldn’t Live Past Three Generations

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“Susu, how can you say that about your grandmother?”

Her bent figure was imprinted in their vision.

Han Susu smirked. “Why can’t I say that? She should know about her own evildoings.”

“Grandmother has already touched your connections for you.”

Han Susu tugged her sleeves. “Brother, don’t bother about her, think of ways to get me out.”

She wanted him to think? What ways did he have?

“Alright, I’ll think about it.”

Old Madam Han listened to their conversation, heading into the darkness step by step.

The old saying was right: Wealth wouldn’t live past three generations.

Old Man, this family was going to collapse.

But that wasn’t the worst.

A human’s heart was the worst. How could it be like this?

“Times have changed, times have changed.” She sighed, sounding melancholy.

Father Han promised to get Han Susu out regardless of the method. Spade Z’s information was just a portion: If the Hans weren’t willing to give up, they would have to execute the next step.

Directly after they made Han Susu wait, the police came over, disregarding the late hour. They arrested both Father Han and his son, but when they caught sight of Old Madam Han, one of the officers raised his hand in salute.

Old Madam Han knew that this time, it really was over.

Han Susu was still acting arrogantly in the police station, sweeping a glance at those on duty. “Just you wait, once my dad is here, he’ll make all of you pay.”

She wouldn’t let go of that gay either!

However, no one came even after waiting for the whole night.

Instead, the lawyer she originally found handsome came.

He looked at her as though she was the pest.

Han Susu had never been humiliated like that. “All of you watch out! Just you wait!”

“Take her away.” Bai Qianye didn’t say much, in fact, there wasn’t much to say as they would definitely win the case.

He called the youngster, whose voice was faint. “Don’t touch Old Madam Han, but proceed with the rest.”

“Understood.” Bai Qianye smoked his cigarette. “Where’s my reward?”

The youngster sounded weak. “It’s in your email, but shouldn’t you think about why your ex-wife doesn’t want you anymore?”

Bai Qianye’s voice chilled. “That has nothing to do with you.”

“Ah, yes, you’re right.” Since that was the case, she wasn’t going to let him know that his ex-wife was pregnant, hehe… Bo Jiu kept her money, hugging onto Princess. The pain only allowed her four hours of sleep, hence, her complexion wasn’t the best.

But the semis were about to start.

1.40 pm.

This was an important match, but those who didn’t game wouldn’t be aware.

It was important to prevent any negative press of Supreme Alliance from coming out.

The Han family was ruthless, but she could be worse.

At the very least, today, she had to compete without any worries.

The youngster held onto a pain killer, swallowing it along with a cup of hot water.

She lowered her lids, fastening her shoelaces. She held onto a black shoulder back with her dark gaze showing.

Chen Xiaodong looked worried. “Young Master, are you really alright?”

Everyone was aware of the opponent’s strength, they were sixth place last year.

Would he be able to pull through with his current condition?