Chapter 673 - Jiu Got Caught

Chapter 673: Jiu Got Caught

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The moment that thought landed, the doorbell rang.

Who could be here at this time?

Bo Jiu was still fastening her wrist guard when she lifted her lids.

Chen Xiaodong had already opened the door.

The police?

The little housekeeper was confused.

Wu Zhen swept a glance at Chen Xiaodong before reaching out to push him aside, her gaze falling on Bo Jiu. “Bo Jiu, you are under suspicion for The Maiden’s Sacrifice, this is the arrest warrant, please follow us back.”

“The Maiden’s Sacrifice?!” Chen Xiaodong opened his eyes wide. What was that?

Bo Jiu tilted her gaze, her voice calm. “I’m sorry officer Wu, I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

“You’ll understand after the questioning.” Wu Zhen eyed the two others. “Take him and bring his computer along.”

“Yes, Mam.”

That was how the police acted.

Everything happened too suddenly.

Chen Xiaodong was still confused when they barged into the youngster’s room.

Wu Zhen directed a smile at the youngster. “Do you know who told me about you? It’s Li Mengran.”

“Oh?” The youngster tugged her wrist, looking cool and ravishing despite her pale face. “What did she tell you? How I confessed?”

Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes. “You know that’s not what I’m referring to. Fu Jiu, we aren’t strangers, on account of Brother Mo, I’ll make concessions if you confess.”

“Officer Wu.” The youngster straightened, a smile on her face, “I have always been a law-abiding citizen, I would never need the police to make concessions for me.”

Wu Zhen broke into a smile. “Really, follow me and we’ll have a talk.”

“The computer is here.” The other two officers were back.

Wu Zhen eyed the youngster. “Take him.”

“Young Master!” Chen Xiaodong started to panic, reaching out to grab the youngster, but he knew it was all in vain.

Fortunately, he could understand the youngster’s lip movement. “Get Lawyer Bai.”

Chen Xiaodong nodded, but the sight of his Young Master being captured left him panicking.

Lawyer Bai.

Where was Lawyer Bai’s number?

He didn’t have it!

He would have to head over to Bai family house in the military compound!

Bo Jiu understood that Wu Zhen came with ill-intentions.

In her past life, she had been in the police car countless times.

She had even driven in one disguised as police.

But it had never been like today; when her abdomen still ached and with Princess in her arms.

Princess was a mystical cat.

Unlike his usual mischevious self, he was unusually well-behaved as he glared at Wu Zhen.

Bo Jiu didn’t mind being arrested if it wasn’t today as today wasn’t the same.

She lifted her hand, glancing at her watch.

She was three hours away from the match, she had to leave before then.

“Officer Wu, I have a very important match today. I’m sure you are aware. What evidence do you have for arresting me?”

Wu Zhen raised the computer in her hands. “This is the evidence. No. 1 Middle School has always been peaceful, but recently, they started having network issues. The two teachers who were taken care of are both linked to you.”

“Officer Wu, isn’t this reasoning ridiculous?” Bo Jiu pressed onto her abdomen, her lips pale. “I’m a student of No. 1 Middle School, it isn’t hard for us to be linked. If that’s your logic for arresting someone, shouldn’t you arrest the entire cohort?”