Chapter 674 - I Have to Get Out

Chapter 674: I Have to Get Out

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“Heh, Young Master Fu, we’ll know about that after examining your computer.” Wu Zhen glanced az the youngster. “Besides, the orders came from above and not from me, I’m just acting on orders. So don’t malign the wrong person.”

“Oh, going by the books?” Bo Jiu lifted her lips. “Sister Wu, you belong to the crime squad, but you’re bringing civil police officers. The Maiden’s Sacrifice has always been under the crime squad, there should be a layer of privacy, when did the civil police step in? I’m curious how impartial everything is.”

The youngster shot straight at Wu Zhen.

She froze as this time, she had indeed kept the arrest a secret.

But why did it matter?

She had her suspicions.

What was wrong with taking action?

She couldn’t make decisions within the crime squad, but she could with the civil police.

Even if she had used some ways, she didn’t think there was anything wrong.

What was wrong with using her background when it was already there?

Susu was too indirect.

It was easy to deal with this person.

If Supreme Alliance’s vice-captain didn’t even reach the semis on time, there would be countless criticisms, regardless of the result

But it was still best if they lost.

As once Supreme Alliance lost, it wouldn’t just be Spade Z fans who would be disappointed.

Even Brother Mo would feel the same way.

When this person was no longer a member of Supreme Alliance, it wouldn’t be easy for him to be near Brother Mo.

She would make all Supreme Alliance fans turn their back on him.

After Han Susu’s incident, she realized how easily swayed these fans were.

Strangers probably wouldn’t attack Spade Z, but the fans would and those who still loved him the previous second would toss coke at him the next.

She had to thanks such Spade fans as without them, how could she reach her goals?

Wu Zhen’s displeasure started to dissipate and she turned towards the cat in his hands. The more she watched it, the more her gaze sunk

Princess had never allowed her to hug him.

Whenever she appeared at the Qin family house, she would start purring uncontrollably.

As expected of a beast, he couldn’t even choose what was right.

Wu Zhen glanced at the cat.

Once they reached the station, Bo Jiu entered the interrogation room.

Wu Zhen laughed lightly. “Let me take care of Princess.”

As she reached her hands over, the cat in youngster’s arms reached out his claws, striking Wu Zhen’s face in the process with a sharp swoosh.

Wu Zhen glared in pain, dying to smash the cat to his death!

Bo Jiu turned, pulling Princess back, her gaze calm. “Officer Wu, you don’t look like an officer at all.”

The youngster turned and asked the civil police, “Where’s the interrogation room? Didn’t you want to examine my computer? Do I need to tell you my password?”

“You don’t have to.” Wu Zhen clenched her chin, which was scratched red. “Young Master Fu, don’t worry, we’ll investigate slowly, once we get it checked, you’ll be free to go.”

With such a sentence, Bo Jiu understood her intentions; she was deliberately dragging the time, not looking like she was investigating the case at all.

But this was within the country, hence, she couldn’t be aggressive towards the police.

That would cause her to lose her right to compete.

As time trickled by, the youngster grew increasingly pale as other than the pain in her abdomen, the temperature was way too low.

It wasn’t good for Bo Jiu.

But that wasn’t important as she still had to get out.