Chapter 675 - Informing Qin Family

Chapter 675: Informing Qin Family

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At 12.53 pm at Jiang City’s esports battle arena

Outside the glass door were the security checks for an audience consisting of approximately a thousand people.

It was unlike the previous competitions as this was the entry to the finals.

After this match, every other match wouldn’t just be streamed online, it would also be played on selected channels.

After experiencing the magnetism of the players, no one would miss such a match.

From afar, there were posters of every team, belonging to the fans that came to support.

In less than an hour, the match was about to commence.

The Mighty Tigers team was already dressed in their gear and was discussing their battle tactic.

However, the atmosphere was different over at Supreme Alliance’s side. Lin Feng glanced over at the clock, his brows in a deep knot. “Why isn’t he here yet?”

“Is he on the way?” someone asked.

Xue Yaoyao held her phone, listening to the ring as she shook her head.

Lin Feng’s eyes sunk; something seemed odd. “Is still no one picking up? What’s happening?”

This was an important battle and according to Little Spade’s personality, he would definitely be here early.

It wasn’t possible for him to be this late.

At 12.55 pm, the youngster’s gaze was almost bleak.

She couldn’t just place all her hopes on Bai Qianye.

When the civil police came in, Bo Jiu asked to call her lawyer, but actually, she called Feng Yi, which Wu Zhen wasn’t aware of.

She was still trying to get incriminating evidence, so that he couldn’t compete and that he couldn’t walk about with ease.

When Feng Yi received the call, his entire face changed.

Without a moment’s hesitation, he called the lawyer that handled all of Qin family’s affairs.

Feng Yi knew that the moment he used Qin family connection, Almighty Qin would receive news and it wouldn’t be like before when they pretended everything was fine.

That person might stop his treatment and head back immediately, but there wasn’t a choice.

With Qin family’s connection, everything would run smoothly.

On the other end, after Chen Xiaodong managed to enter the military compound, he found out that was too late as Young Master Bai had already gone to the airport, which was probably also the reason he shut his phone.

Chen Xiaodong was about to cry from panic, but there wasn’t anything he could do.

He had never felt so desperate.

As he lifted his lids over towards the clock, he saw that it was already 1.05 pm.

In just half an hour, the competition would commence.

But his Young Master was still in the police station and Madam wasn’t home.

For the first time in his life, he experienced such helplessness.

Meanwhile, in the interrogation room in the Capital, Wu Zhen sat in front of the youngster, a cup of hot water in her hands, but it wasn’t for the youngster, “Young Master Fu, you seem to be in pain.”

Bo Jiu raised a brow, her left hand pressed against her abdomen.

Wu Zhen lowered her voice. “I heard you just contacted your lawyer. It’s a pity that Lawyer Bai has already left in his plane. I don’t think he’ll be able to make it in time. Young Master Fu, you can tell me anything. I’ll get you another lawyer, how is that?”