Chapter 676 - Exposed Wu Zhen

Chapter 676: Exposed Wu Zhen

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Bo Jiu glanced at Wu Zhen, her lips curving upwards, incredibly pale, making it seem as though she was a vampire. “Who told you I called Bai Qianye?”

“No matter who you call, you’ll have to suffer the consequences of your crimes.” Wu Zhen suppressed her hatred, grabbing onto a pen. “Let’s talk about the case. On the 26th of December at 8 pm, where were you?”

Bo Jiu replied faintly and with only one word, “Home.”

“Who can prove that?” Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes.

Bo Jiu smiled at that. “My family members of course.”

Since Wu Zhen knew it was a dead end, she decided to change her tactic.

“There aren’t many people with hacker skills like you. Did you feel happy stealing your own account back during the Jiang City gaming selection competition?”

Bo Jiu eyed Wu Zhen, her abdomen in immense pain as she tried to concentrate, pondering the meaning behind her words. “Not really, it was purely for protection. As for stealing accounts, anyone with the slightest computer knowledge would be able to do it. But in your eyes, it becomes a hacker. Wouldn’t there be a lot of hackers in the world?”

Wu Zhen’s gaze sank. “This is the first time I have seen such a crafty person. According to your words, even if you had known about Li Mengran’s plight in advance, it wouldn’t have affected how you view that teacher?”

“How can it not?” Bo Jiu replied smoothly, “Even if she isn’t a friend, I would still think the teacher isn’t worthy because he committed such crimes.”

Wu Zhen continued, pressing on. “So is that why you stalked him and dealt with him?”

“Officer Wu,” Bo Jiu replied calmly, “Your accusations seem right out of crime dramas, but it’s a pity that I am, after all, just a high school student. My results are with the teacher, what could I do?”

Wu Zhen never expected to be asked such a question. In the end, it was yet another dead end.

No one would be able to last for more than two hours under such temperatures. Thus she couldn’t understand how the youngster managed to remain closed up, unwavering.

Wu Zhen raised her book, closing the door.

She wanted to see how long this gay could last because the closer it was to the competition, the more anxious he would get.

Hence, she didn’t believe that she would end up empty-handed.

The damp and cold environment was fatal for Bo Jiu and she started to perspire from the pain.

Her abdomen was cold. She reached out to grab onto the metal table leg for support.

There were 20 minutes left ━ she had to be there.

Feng Yi should be here soon.

When the youngster opened her eyes, her forehead was soaked with sweat, but it didn’t affect the sharpness in her eyes.

No one knew how she managed to pull through.

They arrived.

As time was still trickling by, Feng Yi headed straight for the Bureau Chief with Qin family’s lawyer.

The Bureau Chief wasn’t aware of what was happening or anything about the Maiden’s Sacrifice, but since the Wu family had asked and they just needed a place for questioning, he didn’t think much of it.

But now, as Qin family’s lawyer was here, the Bureau Chief realized the issue. However, as the case was still ongoing, he couldn’t just close it.

He replied, “The crime squad is in charge of this case, we’re just cooperating for investigation. Why don’t you give Director Huang a call?”