Chapter 677 - Wu Zhen Strikes

Chapter 677: Wu Zhen Strikes

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The Bureau Chief of the subsidiary station wasn’t dumb and he didn’t wish to offend anyone.

As Qin family’s lawyer had Director Huang’s phone number, it wasn’t difficult for him to get in touch.

“What did you say? Arrested? When did I make the command?” Director Huang was thoroughly confused. As the Maiden’s Sacrifice was a case with level one security, even if they had to arrest someone, he would have done it personally.

“I understand, Director Huang, if you haven’t made the command, someone in your squad is abusing their power. My client is still being interrogated and as a member of Supreme Alliance, he has an extremely important match today. You should be aware of that match, it’s an esports competition that he has to head over to right now. Director Huang, it would be best for you to head over personally. If they lose the match, I’m sure both you and I won’t be having it easy.”

Supreme Alliance? Esports competition?

Even though Director Huang didn’t game, he knew how important this competition was to a certain someone.

Who exactly had captured his teammate at such a crucial moment?!

Director Huang didn’t waste a second because if he delayed, something big would happen.

A certain someone might never help on a case again!

Meanwhile, at the police station in the capital, they tried to find out the secret in the computer.

It wasn’t hard to figure out the password for the experts within the police, but even after scanning through the entire computer, he still hadn’t found any trace of attacks.

Other than Hero, it was just another ordinary computer as even the hardware was normal.

He stood up, shaking his head at Wu Zhen.

Wu Zhen didn’t give up. “Take another look, there has to be something.”

“I have already looked three times, the preview bar only holds records of his official Weibo, there isn’t anything wrong with this computer.”

Wu Zhen’s eyes sank. “What about a livestream? Has he entered any livestream?”

The inspector shook his head. “There isn’t any livestream software on this computer.”

Wu Zhen wanted to ask more, but at this moment, the administrator, as well as Director Huang, were heading over with large strides.

Behind them were Feng Yi and Qin family’s lawyer.

When Director Huang caught sight of Wu Zhen, he understood everything, especially who it was that was using the crime squad’s name to do her personal investigation.

He paused, his expression serious. “Where is the person you arrested?”

“Director Huang.” Wu Zhen originally felt guilt at their arrival, but all she had done was arresting someone for questioning, she didn’t do anything extreme. Hence, she replied indifferently, “The suspect is still under interrogation.”

Director Huang never expected this attitude, his voice grew hostile. “How can there be a suspect when I haven’t given any orders?”

“I believe that everyone in the crime squad has the authority to arrest suspects for questioning.” She forced her logic on everything.

Qin family’s lawyer knew Wu Zhen. He took a step forward, his voice calm. “Since that’s what you say, can I ask, Miss Wu, do you have any concrete evidence to prove my client is a suspect?”

“We’re still…” Before she could finish her sentence, Qin family’s lawyer interrupted her, “That means you haven’t found any. According to our country’s laws, arresting someone without evidence is against a law enforcer’s rights. Miss Wu should be the one being interrogated, not my client.”