Chapter 678 - Unwilling Release

Chapter 678: Unwilling Release

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Wu Zhen paled, she would have never expected that the lawyer she regularly came across in Qin family’s house would treat her so mercilessly.

“I.” Wu Zhen wanted to say something, but he only left her with two words. “Release him.”

Wu Zhen clenched her fists, not the least bit willing; but she still had to release Bo Jiu.

Red marks marred her wrists after being cuffed for a long period, but that didn’t rival the pain she felt in her abdomen.

Feng Yi was the first to enter. The moment he caught sight of Bo Jiu, his eyes sank, turning towards Wu Zhen. “Miss Wu, can’t you tell that he isn’t feeling well? Even if you wish to interrogate him, why do you have to do it in such a room? what exactly are you trying to do?!”

“Feng Yi.” Bo Jiu stood up, flinging her wrists, her left hand pressing her abdomen, her right hand carrying Princess. “Competition.”

In that instant, Feng Yi felt a gush of emotion, he clenched his teeth. “The car is outside. If we head over now, we can still make it for the last 5v5 match.”

“What are you waiting for?” The youngster glanced over, wisps of hair shielding her sharp gaze. “Let’s go.”

Although Feng Yi nodded, he still turned to look at Wu Zhen.

Qin family lawyer walked over. “Head over now, I’ll take care of this, don’t worry. I won’t let your teammate be at a disadvantage. Besides, this is the little brother our Young Master personally acknowledges. This matter won’t be buried even if they’re the Wu family.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

Feng Yi didn’t wait any longer and entered the car with the youngster.

Director Huang stood behind the two of them.

The crime squad really offended someone this time.

Even if he didn’t know right now, the moment Qin family’s lawyer took action, it wouldn’t take long before the news would reach him.

Director Huang reached out to caress his head, stopping when he realized there wasn’t much hair left.

He was still puzzled. Why had Wu Zhen arrested the youngster?

Didn’t she know how much a certain someone doted on him?

According to a certain someone’s personality, he would never allow anyone to bully his people like that.

This incident… Even the Wu family wouldn’t be able to defend her.

On the other side, the first thing Bo Jiu did was watch the livestream.

As it was almost 2 pm, the 1v1 had begun.

The formation wasn’t beneficial for Supreme Alliance.

Since their opponents were a strong team, after all, and they seemed to have investigated Supreme Alliance’s battle style, they had chosen a player that was best against Yin Wuyao.

Bo Jiu had never seen Uncle Yin having so much trouble during a fight.

Even if he reached the city safely, he was always heavily wounded and every time he returned to the city, there was one less tower.

This continued for a while.

When Yin Wuyao finally used a big move to kill off the opponent, the tower at the bottom lane was already gone.

The defense grew increasingly tough until the eventual defeat.

Bo Jiu pressed onto her abdomen, sending a voice note to Lin Feng. “2v2, swap out, you will go with Yun Hu.”

They replied immediately, “Alright, that was our intention, Coco won’t be able to take them on.”

The moment he heard the voice note, the second voice note came in.

“We heard about what happened, we are all waiting for you to come. Don’t worry about the 2v2, Little Spade, we will leave the 5v5 to you.”