Chapter 679 - Giving Out Sweets Silently

Chapter 679: Giving Out Sweets Silently

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“Cool.” When Bo Jiu replied, her lips were almost white as a sheet, but she was still smiling.

Only Feng Yi knew that on the journey, the youngster’s only action had been to swallow two painkillers.

Feng Yi glanced over with worry. How was he going to fight the 5v5?

But if Spade Z didn’t compete, it was over for Supreme Alliance.

“Do you need me to do anything?”

The youngster looked to be in pain, but Feng Yi wasn’t sure what illness it was. It seemed like gastric problems. “Is it because of the cold in the interrogation room and because you haven’t eaten?”

“Mmh.” Bo Jiu held onto her abdomen, not explaining her situation. She lifted her gaze, soaked with sweat. “What time is it?”

As Feng Yi knew what he meant, he turned to the driver. “Take the shorter route.”

“The shorter path isn’t smooth, with Young Master Jiu’s situation…”

Bo Jiu hugged the cat, her voice low. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Sit tight, Young Master Jiu.” The driver had skills, probably trained from avoiding the press.

During the entire way, Feng Yi was worried as he watched over the youngster. Her face was as pale as a sheet and her back bent over.

“Do you want some hot water?” Feng Yi suggested getting a hot cup of water.

Bo Jiu lifted her lids, her voice raspy, probably from the pain. “Let’s head over first, give me a cigarette.”

Cigarettes could dull the pain. Feng Yi watched as the youngster lit the cigarette, immediately remembering the gaze of a certain someone back when his wrist was injured.

At that time, his fingers were stained with blood, but he still insisted on going to the competition.

But at that time, he didn’t make it.

This time… He hoped that time could wait for them.

Outside, another red light lit up.

Bo Jiu was in immense pain, but her focus was still on the livestream.

Meanwhile, inside the battle arena, Lin Feng’s character had already died once.

This was indeed an unfavorable situation because Supreme Alliance had already lost the previous 1v1.

If they lost this match, then… All the fans clenched onto their shirt.

“The first revival period is less than 20 seconds, Yun Hu should be able to pull through, but they would definitely lose a tower,” the shoutcaster remarked, “This isn’t a favorable situation.”

“Spade Z isn’t here yet,” the other shoutcaster remarked regretfully, “The presence of a captain greatly affects their spirit. Besides, Supreme Alliance lost the first match. It seems too late.”

“But this isn’t Supreme Alliance’s strongest formation, Qin Mo isn’t here.”

“But there isn’t a choice, the competition looks at the score and nothing else.”

Inside the car, Feng Yi could also listen to their analysis.

He lifted his lids, turning to glance at Bo Jiu.

“They will win,” the youngster said calmly, but her gaze was bright. “They promised to leave me the 5v5. They will definitely keep their promise.”

In that instant, Feng Yi remained silent, turning towards the driver. “Can you hurry? Head straight to the arena, I’ll take care of everything else.”

Until the last second, they wouldn’t be allowed to give up.

This has always been Supreme Alliance’s spirit and as their manager, he shouldn’t think otherwise.

Wasn’t it just another drink with the organizers?

As long as they could make it on time, nothing else mattered.

After his first death, Lin Feng started to play with more reserve.

At this moment, Yun Hu who was still defending the tower paused, releasing an arm and pressing it onto Lin Feng’s hand.