Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Lord Jiu Tears the Report Sheet to Pieces

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Fu Jiu wasn’t upset over these words. She simply responded quite plainly, “Then what do you expect me to do? I’ve already filled out the sheet.”

“Take your sheet back and do the test again.” Manager Li looked at him disdainfully and rudely threw the sheet back at Fu Jiu.

The boy who had talked to Fu Jiu looked at her worriedly.

Fu Jiu laughed. She then bent over and picked that sheet up.

The boy felt relieved after seeing that, and he wanted to drag her over for another test.

But to his utter surprise, Fu Jiu stood up, then raised up her hands. With a little strength, the sheet split into two!

Originally, there were only sounds of keyboards being struck.

But now, under Fu Jiu’s influence, everyone stopped playing, and after a moment, only the rustling sound of the sheet being torn up could be heard in the room.

After Fu Jiu tore the sheet into two, she placed the remains in front of Manager Li as a wave of excited discussion surged around her like a flood!

However, she didn’t seem to hear any of it. As she supported herself with one arm on the desk, her silver hair fell over her face, and she lowered her voice. “If the Qin Group has hired a manager like you, then I’d rather not be on this team.”

In a second, the exam room burst into an uproar!

Nobody dared to talk to the club manager like this!

Did he really not care about enrolling?

“You!” Manager Li had never been challenged like this. There was no retreat for him, and the rage on his face burned through his eyes. “Okay! Very nice! You are stubborn, huh? Then pack your things and get the f*ck out of here!”

Fu Jiu laughed coldly and didn’t say a word. She threw her bag on her back and walked straight out of the exam room. That view of her back was the coolest sh*t ever!

The boy was sitting in his seat, silent. He looked at his hand speed and then the one on the next screen. Finally, he ground his teeth, grabbed his bag, and ran out with her!

“Tha-tha-that, wait!”

Fu Jiu heard a voice from behind, and she turned her head with her eyebrows lifted. “Why did you come out?”

“I-I-I saw you left, so-so-I didn’t want to stay anymore!” A big smile blossomed on that boy’s face. “Al-al-although I really wanted to get into the Qin Group, bu-bu-but, someone like me, who can’t even speak properly, will not get the training resources anyways. And-and-and that manager looked like a real phony. I-I-I don’t like that kind of environment. Pla-pla-playing games should be about pure pleasure, right!?”

Fu Jiu touched her nose. She felt a little guilty hearing all this. After all, she only played games to make money. Now, she was playing to get He Honghua’s company back.

Compared to this obedient baby, her motivation was really superficial.

“Sin-sin-since we don’t need to do the tests now, le-le-let’s go get some food!” That boy’s blushing face looked rather handsome. “I-I-I know a good hot pot place. I-I-I always used to think about going there with a gaming friend before. No-no-now, I didn’t think my dream would come true so fast!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Why did she feel that this obedient baby resembled Almighty Qin in a certain particular characteristic.

Was it an illusion?

Godlike people like them all treated their gaming friends so well…

“Let’s go, but I don’t have money. This time’s on you, I will treat you next time,” said Fu Jiu, and she put her hand on that boy’s shoulder.

With that, the obedient baby blushed even more, looking really adorable as he nodded like a rattle drum. “My-my treat! I own that hot pot place.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Another rich second generation scion born with a silver spoon in his mouth!