Chapter 680 - He’s here!

Chapter 680: He’s here!

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Yun Hu still wore specialized gaming headsets, his side profile handsome, his gaze deep. “Coward, push through by yourself, Little Spade is heading over and might even be watching our match. As a senior, do you want to lose?”

“Me and losing?” Lin Feng turned with a thud. “I’ll let you see how I win this!”

Some weren’t suited for provocation, but Lin Feng wasn’t one of them.

After being taunted by his own brother, he changed completely, his lips lifted, lighting up his entire face.

“Hahaha, you bast*rds in front, come on, I’m going to catch all of you!”

“Pig Feng, why are you letting them know about an ambush?”

“What’s wrong? Hurry, Hu, bottom lane!”

The opponents really believed they were both going to the bottom lane, but unexpectedly, the person they believed to be on the top lane was still in the city.

Midway, a figure appeared. Lin Feng had concealed himself and with his sudden appearance, he executed a big move, along with a stab with his sword.


The opponent was stumped by his death.

“Aren’t you going to the bottom lane?!”

The moment his voice fell, another announcement played in less than 30 seconds.


Battle in the jungles.

They intended with this for Yun Hu to force the person on the bottom lane to the jungles near the top lane.

After the first kill, Lin Feng went over to trap the second person with Yun Hu.

Such cooperation could only be executed by the Hu-Feng pairing.

Teamwork seemed to infiltrate their actions.

The crowd broke into resounding applause while the killing continued.

It wasn’t an easy victory, but when the victory announcement played, Lin Feng removed his headset, glancing over at Yun Hu. “Now tell me, how am I a coward? I was so mighty and domineering just now!”

Yun Hu stood up, reaching a hand to pull him into his arms before breaking into a smile; his lips lifting slightly, but filled with a teasing air. “Mmh, your handsomeness was over the charts.”

“Hahahaha, Hu, you have a good eye.” Lin Feng chuckled, slapping onto his brother’s back. “Our long-term friendship must be because of your honesty, it’s a virtue you have to keep!”

The opponents removed their headset, asking the person beside him, “Is he always like that?”


“I never expected to be killed by such a person twice.”

“Take it easy, don’t underestimate those without EQ.”

Couple fans exchanged glances; when such a dense person encountered someone like Almighty Yun, there was no escape, but none of these mattered.

Most importantly, they were at a draw: It all boiled down to the 5v5 now!

Everyone focused on the competitor’s seat, which was lacking one person.

If the person on the name list wasn’t present, the other party would win by default.

After 30 seconds, the battle arrangement still hadn’t changed.

The shoutcaster sighed, just as he was about to grab the microphone, a loud swoosh was heard!

The doors pulled open and the cameras turned, focusing on their familiar youngster.

That person, one hand on the wall, her lips pale, announced with a clear voice, “I choose the assassin, jungling first.”

The battle arena had advanced facilities and under normal circumstances, there would always be voice distinguishing facilities. This time, it wasn’t any different.

The moment his voice fell, a row appeared along with the familiar music.

Spade Z ━ Assassin!