Chapter 681 - Bo Jiu’s Match

Chapter 681: Bo Jiu’s Match

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Almost instantly, the crowd broke into a joyous mess!

All the Spade fans focused on the youngster!

Lin Feng was smiling as well.

Only the four other members near the youngster stilled.

Feng Shang stuttered, “Id-idol, you-your face…”

Bo Jiu was so pale even her lips were white.

When Xue Yaoyao caught sight of the youngster pressing her abdomen, worry clouded her gaze.

The previous time His Highness Jiu was like that, she was in such great pain.

They were both females and she knew how bad period cramps could get. She might even faint if it worsened.

That definitely wasn’t an exaggeration.

Xue Yaoyao was seated beside Bo Jiu. When her gaze swept the youngster’s wrist, she received another shock.

Those were cuffing marks.

Your Highness Jiu, what exactly did you experience just now?

Were you really sent to the police station to clarify some matters?

The youngster turned over, her gaze dark. “Focus on the competition. Baby Feng, take the same lane as Yaoyao.”



The match began!

A match was a match, there wasn’t time to focus on anything else.

Even so, the other team seemed to have realized Bo Jiu’s abnormality.

“It’s a chance.”

“Attack Spade Z.”

“Got it.”

The bottom and middle lane teams matched up and headed over to the jungles.

Spade Z took the assassin, hence, he must be starting off with the jungle beasts.

The youngster was indeed there.

After defeating the red beast, she didn’t have much HP left and the opponents took the opportunity for an ambush.

Unexpectedly, the youngster concealed herself.

Supreme Alliance clearly received the youngster’s command.

“Feng Shang, Yaoyao, jungle red zone.”

They were nearby and in the best place to defend against an ambush.

Feng Shang and Yaoyao retreated, heading over to the jungle.

The opponents were at a dead end, concluding the open match.

Since one of them stole Spade Z’s red beast, there was a drop in their attack speed.

It was a 2v2 now.

They might not lose, but they never expected that Spade Z, who was heavily wounded, hadn’t headed back to the city, but instead had been hiding in the bushes, ambushing when the match began.


The youngster took the first kill.

Feng Shang and Yaoyao were both heavily wounded, but under those circumstances, the other opponent stopped and retreated.

The youngster moved her mouse immediately and followed behind.

With a leap, he entered a tower.

Bo Jiu then paused.

Her fingers tightening, she turned and ran back to the city center.

“Why didn’t you execute a tower kill? It’s such a pity!”

“How can he do that with such low HP? Besides, Spade Z doesn’t have his big move left, with the opponents HP, it wouldn’t have worked out.”

“Taking one life is already amazing, Supreme Alliance will most probably take this win.”

“It isn’t confirmed yet, have you forgotten their assassin?”

The opposing assassin ━ Lin Chentao!

Lin Chentao must have been too quiet, causing everyone to forget his presence!

The reason behind their strength is because of Lin Chentao!

As one of the top assassins in the country, his skills were comparable to Spade Z’s.

Almost the next second, he killed one from Supreme Alliance.

He didn’t just kill Coco, he had even stolen the blue beast from Supreme Alliance in the jungle.

He moved swiftly. Even his retreat was filled with a murderous air.