Chapter 682 - The Youngster at His Limit

Chapter 682: The Youngster at His Limit

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“It’ll be a tough match for Supreme Alliance.”

“Lin Chentao has always been an assassin who got stronger as time passed.”

“I’m curious, is Spade Z or Lin Chentao the better assassin?”

“This isn’t just a match between both teams, it’s also a match between the vice-captains of each team.”

“Another one! Lin Chentao took another kill!”

“It’s currently two against one, no, that’s not right, its a draw.”

The moment Lin Chentao finished one off, Spade Z immediately followed with a second kill.

Just like that, they started a chase.

Lin Chentao remained silent because he sensed the youngster’s discomfort.

Actually, he had been anticipating this match ever since he had teamed up with the youngster on the Japanese server.

He had wanted a match, but the youngster hadn’t appeared at the start.

It was only when the 5v5 match was about to begin that he arrived, looking pale and sickly.

Lin Chentao knew this wasn’t the match he wanted, but after the youngster’s first kill, he broke into a smile.

Giving his all was respect to the opponent.

Little Spade, regardless of how you feel, I won’t be merciful in this match.


The third kill.

For characters with such low HP, a quick and skillful assassin like Lin Chentao was a nightmare.

Over at Supreme Alliance’s side, only Bo Jiu and Xue Yaoyao managed to keep all their lives.

“Supreme Alliance is indeed in bad shape,” the shoutcaster remarked.

The other shoutcaster tilted his head. “That’s not definite, the number of kills is currently on par, they are evenly matched.

“Haven’t you realized?” The shoutcaster narrowed his eyes. “Ever since the start, Spade Z hasn’t had the time to fight in the jungle, unlike Lin Chentao.”

The moment he explained, the other shoutcaster realized. “You mean Spade Z’s teammates.”

“Other than Lin Chentao, there’s still Tian Jing, the tower killer. But over at Supreme Alliance, both Lin Feng and Yun Hu have already appeared in the 2v2 while Mountain Yin appeared in the 1v1. As for the others, do you think they’re comparable to Tian Jing?”

There wasn’t anyone else, which meant that the outcome was apparent.

Before the semis, there hadn’t been a match that went on for such a long time.

Be it Lin Chentao’s team or Supreme Alliance, both had always won quickly, but today, time dragged on.

In the end, both sides were left with one defense tower and the city lake.

At this moment, their lives were of utmost importance because, for both teams, only Spade Z and Lin Chentao hadn’t died before.

When the pain came, Bo Jiu’s fingers paused, but it was only a short second before she headed over towards the middle lane.

As Xue Yaoyao waited for her character to revive, she glanced over at the youngster’s hands, her wrists dragged the mouse with each motion.

How much pain was she in?

Xue Yaoyao wouldn’t know, but she had seen His Highness Jiu in this state before and thus she understood.

How could the youngster push on?

At this moment, the cameras pulled back to Bo Jiu’s face.

At this moment, everyone realized the abnormality; his face was stripped off blood, his forehead drenched in sweat ━ but he was still dashing.

It was a heart-wrenching sight.

Lin Feng bolted upright, turning towards Feng Yi, who only shook his head.