Chapter 683 - The Reappearance of The Three Thousand Knife Cutting

Chapter 683: The Reappearance of The Three Thousand Knife Cutting

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As no one knew what exactly the youngster had experienced, Spade fans started to panic.

But they also knew that any excessive noise would affect the youngster’s performance.

“It’s here! The showdown between both assassins!”

Lin Chentao stood in front of the city with a long sword, a gun stuck behind his back, his robe fluttering.

“Wait a moment, it isn’t just Lin Chentao, there’s someone else ━ Tian Jing!”

In that instant, everyone’s heart curled up.

It wasn’t possible for Spade Z to retreat, but it was obvious that the youngster had no intention of doing so.

The opponent’s city was the only thing in his dark gaze.


“That’s the only way out.”

“You mean to go head on?”

“This is Supreme Alliance’s only chance. If Spade Z manages to win before anyone revives, he’ll be able to take down the city.”

“But it’s a 1v2, it isn’t possible for him to win, it’s Lin Chentao and Tian Jing, after all.”

“Wait a minute, what is that?”

On the screen, Spade Z leaped. Instead of attacking Lin Chentao, he jumped into a bush to dodge an attack before stabbing Tian Jing.

He moved so swiftly that it wasn’t possible to follow his moves.

Only the reflecting silver glow from the stab could be seen.

The screen was flooded with a glow, everyone held their breath.

“Three! Three Thousand Knife Cutting!”

“It’s Almighty Qin’s Three Thousand Knife Cutting!”

If there had been Qin fans who were upset with the youngster because he was constantly matched with Qin Mo as a couple, then they were dumbfounded at this moment.

Three Thousand Knife Cutting got its name because it could only be executed if the angle of the attack and the maneuvering were perfectly matched. The speed was too much, giving off a visionary illusion.

The movements couldn’t be seen, only a flash of light was shown, and even the movement of the sleeves seemed invincible.

“Beautiful!” the shoutcaster shouted uncontrollably.

An announcement followed: K.O!

Tian Jing smashed onto the ground.

The glow hadn’t ended yet, but the youngster continued to click relentlessly.

That rich tempo.

He moved his mouse towards the left, forming an attacking curve.

Lin Chentao didn’t retreat, instead, he bolted forward with his big move.

The youngster maneuvered beautifully.

But this time, Lin Chentao spoke, “Let’s die together, Little Spade!”


The words flashed across the screen.

However, before they could celebrate, the youngster’s hands shifted.

Her last drop of blood was finished off by the soldiers.


This was the very first time since the game started that they witnessed youngster’s death.

The two shoutcasters paused.

“His movements.”

“The movement was wrong, it must be because of his body condition.”

This meant if he hadn’t been unwell, Spade Z could have retreated to get more blood before attacking the city.

When youngster said the word “Home,” everyone could hear his breath tightening.

It was a complete annihilation for Supreme Alliance while three of the opponents were still alive.

Xue Yaoyao tightened her grip, “19, 18…”

It was too late.

With just 4 seconds left, they had already brought their troops over to Supreme Alliance’s city center.

The moment Xue Yaoyao ran out, a clear heart-wrenching announcement sounded.

One huge word appeared on the screen: FAIL .