Chapter 684 - Supreme Alliance Lost

Chapter 684: Supreme Alliance Lost

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Supreme Alliance… lost?

Silence fell over the arena.

Everyone paused, their expressions glazed.

Xue Yaoyao had just revived, her fingers still positioned to dash forward.

But it was too late.

As the words started to dim, Xue Yaoyao felt engulfed in emptiness.

The youngster’s side view was still imprinted on the screen, her fringe damp from sweat, plastered across her forehead.

Other than her thin lips and sharp nose bridge, the rest of her face was concealed by her silvery hair ━ but still, no one could wipe that image off their face because the youngster has never looked like that before.

His lips weren’t upturned and even though the white cat was still in his arms, he seemed to be in a daze.

Supreme Alliance… lost?

They were still in disbelief, especially when they saw the youngster.

All the Spade fans reached out to cover their mouth, afraid they would start crying.

They remembered the first time they fell for the youngster.

For some of them, it was because he managed to become the first new player king in Zone C that had never died before.

Some started from a livestream. At that time, the youngster’s long sword could wipe out anyone within one meter.

While others started from a video of the youngster talking into the camera, “Justice might be late, but it has never missed a show…”

Today, that indestructible person lost, but he had put in so much effort.

Everyone had put in so much effort.

As someone had to make the ending speech, the shoutcaster cleared his voice. “The results are out, the finalist are…”

Supreme Alliance’s members could no longer hear the surroundings, it was as though they had been paralyzed, that depression and dejection, it pierced into everyone’s heart.

Coco hung his head, his fingers tightening.

He couldn’t accept it, he really couldn’t.

The fans shared his sentiments.

“If Almighty Qin had been here, it wouldn’t have been like this.”

“Spade Z’s last move was too risky.”

“If he had retreated, he might have been able to drag the time.”

“I just don’t understand why he’s the vice-captain.”

“Enough, can’t you see Big Spade’s dejection?”

“He doesn’t have to compete if he isn’t feeling well.”

“That’s right! Why does he have to compete if he isn’t feeling well? He was just dragging our Coco and Almighty Lin. I’m so speechless.”


Lin Feng pushed his chair back, bolting upright and glaring at the fans behind.

“If it wasn’t for Little Spade, we would never have reached this stage. The results are there for everyone to see, 12 kills, one death and seven assists. Even till the end, he was the last man standing. We were the ones that dragged him down.”

Lin Feng’s words embarrassed them, but they still believed they were right.

“Almighty Lin has changed. How can you say that? We might not like you anymore.”

Lin Feng stuffed a hand into his pocket. “Whatever.”

They wanted to say more, but at this moment, all of the other Supreme Alliance members stood up, standing behind Lin Feng.

They could lose, but they had the one rule that no one could bully their members ━even if they were fans.

They would still make them pay!