Chapter 685 - Almighty Qin Is Back

Chapter 685: Almighty Qin Is Back

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In the next second, the youngster walked over.

Lin Feng placed a hand on his shoulder for support.

Even though his face was pale, he was still ravishing with his silver hair and inky black eyes.

“It isn’t necessary.” Faint three words.

Lin Feng lowered his lids. The youngster’s wrist was so red that it was almost bleeding.

In such a state, was it really not necessary?

To Bo Jiu, it really wasn’t necessary.

The youngster knew what the world was like and he also knew what human nature was like.

“A loss is a loss.”

The youngster stood still, his back view straight and upright.

But even so…

Xue Yaoyao could still see the slight tightening of her palms beneath her gear.

It must have hurt when she competed.

How exactly did she pull through?

And now, how did she manage to endure and admit the loss?

It was all to protect Supreme Alliance’s last shred of dignity.

The fans remained silent.

Everyone could see the youngster’s state.

Even if they lost, there were no excuses.

Xue Yaoyao tilted her head. If she had been stronger, the result wouldn’t have been this.

When did we start to cry?

When did we start feeling grievances and disappointment?

And when did start suppressing our tears, facing the foreign glances firmly?

There was a sort of growth, that could pull us from the ashes.

Because we believe in the light…

The ceremony had to end perfectly.

The youngster represented Supreme Alliance, shaking hands with the other team’s captain before it was all over.

But at this moment, the door was pushed open and a tall, upright figure appeared amidst the light.

Supreme Alliance froze when they caught sight of him.

He was a familiar face to everyone in the arena.

His distinctive features sharp but faint and he was dressed in his battle gear, looking like a dazzling galactic commander, his white gloves adhering to his hands perfectly leaving no gaps.

If a name could bring strength, he had that sort of presence.

“Brother Mo…” The youngster hadn’t even begun before he was pulled into his embrace and his silky smooth voice followed. “How can you get yourself bullied the moment I’m not around?”

The crowd broke into a frenzy.

There wasn’t just the audience consisting of a thousand people, there was also the audience in front of the livestream.

Manager Feng reached out to rub his aching forehead.

Why didn’t anyone notify him that the Almighty was back?

How can they just hug so nonchalantly?

How many questions would he have to tackle later in the afternoon?

The Almighty created trouble the moment he was back.

But it was still for the better as sometimes, he didn’t know how to comfort Little Spade.

Even though he was well experienced, he always felt like a high school student in front of the youngster, unlike the Almighty.

Regardless of how the youngster was like; in front of him, the youngster would always be a little brother, who needed to be pampered.

Bo Jiu didn’t think she was bullied, but the Almighty smelled too good that she couldn’t help burying her face into his chest.

Princess knelt by the side, looking arrogant since a certain someone was in so much pain today. I won’t stand in your way, keeping it a fair battle. Even if he was a cat, he couldn’t be so cruel.