Chapter 686 - There’s Still Hope

Chapter 686: There’s Still Hope

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Lin Chentao couldn’t take it, he never expected to see such a scene during their after-match handshake.

He coughed loudly. Hey, Perverted Qin, can you show me some respect?!

Qin Mo raised a brow, turning over with his right hand out.

Once he received attention, Lin Chentao was prepared to exchange greetings, but Qin Mo interrupted him calmly. ” I watched the 5v5 livestream, your skills aren’t too bad.”

Lin Chentao was caught off guard by him. Was Perverted Qin complimenting him? Were the pigs going to start flying?

Qin Mo continued, “2v1, is that how the country’s top assassin behaves?”

Lin Chentao: … Wait a moment, there wasn’t any rule restricting 2v1, that was how everyone did it. Besides, who cared how many people there were during a teamfight?

Why did it seem as though he doesn’t have integrity?!

Lin Chentao’s expression was caught on the screen.

Qin Mo didn’t give him a chance to retort, releasing his palm, even though his words were indifferent, they were filled with hostility. “I’ll make you pay.”

Lin Chentao: … Hey, Almighty, couldn’t you be reasonable, I had killed your Little Spade just once! Where was your… integrity? Where was your magnanimity?

“It was an exciting sight.” The shoutcaster tried to salvage the situation so that the headshakes didn’t seem that exciting.

“That’s right, this failure seems to have stirred Qin Mo’s fighting spirit. It might not be such a bad thing for Supreme Alliance.”

“But it really is a pity, Supreme Alliance didn’t make it into the semis, ending off here.”

“Ending off here? Hahaha, Old Song, you must have forgotten that according to the regulations, there would be a revival match. Only one team would be able to receive the rights for the revival match, the team must have the member who is appointed the MVP the most number of times and that’s obviously Spade Z. Even though he had lost, his total score is still higher than the winning team, so Supreme Alliance still has a shot at becoming the champions. As long as they manage to win the next three matches, they will be able to revive. But of course, the revival match won’t be easy. According to precedence, the competitors they have to win against belong to the top ten in the country.”

“Regardless, at least there is hope.”

This was the first time Bo Jiu heard about the rule. She raised a brow, asking Qin Mo, “Revival match?”

“Mmh.” Qin Mo titled his gaze, his breath brushing past the youngster’s ears. “So this loss doesn’t matter, we can always win it back.”

Bo Jiu held onto her abdomen with one hand, her lips pale, but there was finally a curve to her eyes.

Lin Chentao: … Were they whispering? Wasn’t anyone going to control them?!

The chance at a revival reignited a flame within the members and even their fans were finally hopeful, their agitation so intense they could run a few rounds!

The real fans only wished to watch them continue competing, even if it was just one more round.

There would always be someone or even a group that shouldered the weight of the youth’s memory ━ and that was Supreme Alliance.

Many years later, they might have forgotten about their obsession, but they would never forget the group geared up in their uniform, their gaze burning, their bodies upright.

They were and would always be Supreme Alliance ━ forever.