Chapter 687 - Almighty Qin and Jiu

Chapter 687: Almighty Qin and Jiu

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Bo Jiu could still press on during the competition, but now that it was over, the pain was unbearable.

Once they were out of the arena, she asked for another cigarette.

However, just after one puff, it was snatched away by the Almighty.

His deep gaze swept the youngster’s hands, their depths cold. “Carry or piggyback, choose one.”

Fu Jiu took a step back, smiling lightly. “Brother Mo, I’m not that weak.”

Qin Mo didn’t wish to waste time on the topic, bending to carry her into his arms.

At this moment, some of the fans who were still around broke into a frenzy.

Bo Jiu stilled, concluding that this was better than a piggyback. At the very least, that part wouldn’t be pressed against the Almighty’s back.

Yeah, right!

Feng Yi wanted to caress his head again, he predicted an increase in the number of calls he was going to receive after today.

What was he going to say?

He could insist that Little Spade wasn’t feeling well.

Yes, that would do it!

“Young Master.”

Deputy Zhang followed Qin Mo back from America. The moment he saw his Young Master carrying the youngster out, his entire face froze.

Lin Chentao, who left with them, froze as well.

After keeping it in for such a long time, he finally exploded.

Lin Chentao exploded in the Alliance’s WeChat group. “Ahhh!”

“What’s wrong, rude Taotao, who provoked you?” Student Sanpang asked. “Didn’t you win the competition?”

Lin Chentao: “I would have rather not won, Qin Mo that pervert…”

“Qin Mo is back? My rival is back! How could you have waited for so long to say such important news?!”

Lin Chentao: “Didn’t you watch the livestream?”

“Nope.” World’s Most Handsome Fatty asked, “When did I say I watched the livestream?”

Lin Chentao: “How else did you know I won?”

“I just wanted to comfort you! F*ck, you really won? What happened to Supreme Alliance? I haven’t competed against my rival!” The World’s Most Handsome Fatty exploded.

Those who just finished competing sent a bunch of question marks.

Lin Chentao: “This group is too much! I just said I won, what sort of response it this!”

“Little Spade shouldn’t have allowed you to win…”

Lin Chentao decided to be honest. “He wasn’t feeling well.”

“He wasn’t feeling well? Where is he unwell?”

Lin Chentao recalled. “There were red marks at his wrists, but his pain seems to be from gastric…”

Actually, it wasn’t gastric, but rather Bo Jiu’s period.

The moment they entered the car, the Almighty left Deputy Zhang with just one word. “Hospital.”

How could she visit the hospital with this illness?

Bo Jiu’s fingers paused. “Brother Mo, it’s an old problem, I just need to head home and rest with a cup of hot water.”

“How can gastric be cured by hot water?” Qin Mo turned towards the youngster on his left.

Bo Jiu pressed her abdomen, her lips pressed into a straight line. “I don’t want to go to the hospital. I’m not feeling well from the loss and besides, I know my body best. I just want to sleep.”

This was indeed a reason, at least it was to the young and rebellious youngster.

Qin Mo glanced over at the red marks on his wrists, raising a brow. He reached over and pressed the youngster’s head onto his shoulders, pressing the other hand on her abdomen. “Sleep.”