Chapter 688 - Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

Chapter 688: Sweet, Sweet, Sweet

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His Young Master’s intimate behavior caught Deputy Zhang off guard.

He glanced at the rear mirror subconsciously.

The Almighty always has the same pleasant smell.

It was as clear as the glacier on Kunlun Mountain, but with a summery hint of pines and cypress; it lowered one’s guard.

But Bo Jiu didn’t really fall asleep as with the Almighty’s palms on her abdomen, it wasn’t possible for her to fall asleep.

( NovelFull )   She had to be on high alert during this sensitive period, but the mild pressure he exerted was still soothing, dulling the pain to a large extent.

When Qin Mo tilted his gaze over, he could clearly see the faint shadows beneath the youngster’s lowered lashes.

“There isn’t where the stomach is. What sickness is it?”

It was a faint question that struck the crux.

Bo Jiu replied calmly, “My intestines hurt, it happens when I catch a cold.”

“What?” Qin Mo asked leisurely.

Bo Jiu wasn’t sure if the Almighty had caught on, but the moment she wanted to move, the Almighty held onto her right arm. “Stop fidgeting, aren’t you sleeping?”

Bo Jiu’s abdomen was weighing her down. In order to prevent being suspected, she explained, “I’m just changing my position.”

Qin Mo eyed the youngster before replying faintly, “Go ahead, the car is big enough.”

The moment his words landed, Qin Mo reached an arm out. Bo Jiu slipped downwards, and he inched back so that the youngster’s head could rest on his thighs.

It was as the Almighty had said, the car was big enough.

Lying down like that wasn’t uncomfortable; even though her legs couldn’t straighten fully, it could be placed in front.

But, this position… The Almighty seemed to be treating her like Princess.

Princess sat beside the driver seat. After noticing his master’s actions, he stretched his neck back and purred.

Qin Mo glanced over with a frown and Princess hurriedly turned back in silence.

This cat was unbelievable, he was never this obedient with her.

Warm air filled the car and she laid back comfortably.

As she started to relax, exhaustion spread throughout her bit by bit.

Since the Almighty didn’t seem to mind, there wasn’t a need to be pretentious.

After all, she didn’t always get the chance to sleep on the Almighty’s thighs.

If she kept her eyes shut, she could avoid the Almighty’s sharp questions.

Besides, this was a rare moment.

The moment she moved, the Almighty would glance down, his features captivating.

Bo Jiu glanced at his magnificent looks.

The urge to bring the Almighty home stirred within her while the pain in her abdomen was starting to lessen.

The speed of the car was well controlled, it wasn’t too fast nor too slow, putting her to sleep.

As she flew in and out of her sleep, Qin Mo’s distinctive peppermint tobacco scent flowed into her senses; she dug her face deeper into his warmth.

Qin Mo lowered his head, watching his pale face, his gaze moving to the red marks at his wrists, his face hardening.

Deputy Zhang couldn’t understand, the moment the youngster fell asleep, his Young Master became a totally different person.

Qin Mo had already made a call to Qin Group’s legal department.

Lawyer Song was still at the police station because of Bo Jiu. When he saw who had called, his fingers paused slightly as astonishment brushed past his gaze. “Boss Qin.”

It was a domestic number. Boss Qin… was back?