Chapter 689 - Kiss

Chapter 689: Kiss

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Qin Mo’s fingers swept the red marks, stormy waves crashing within the depths of his eyes. “Where exactly did you and Feng Yi go today?”

At this stage, Lawyer Song definitely wouldn’t hide the truth. Besides, he knew how smart his boss was. “The police station.”

The moment he replied, Qin Mo didn’t seem surprised, but instead asked, “Who arrested my brother?”

Lawyer Song paused slightly. “Miss Wu. According to her, Young Master Jiu is linked to a case from the crime squad. She mentioned that she was acting under orders from the higher-ups to arrest the suspect, hence, proceeding with the interrogation.”

“Interrogation?” Qin Mo asked in a hostile tone. “When did the crime squad start holding their interrogations in normal police stations? This isn’t right, did Huang Zhong allow this?”

Lawyer Song walked out with his phone, shaking his head. “Director Huang didn’t know about it.”

“Good, very good.” Qin Mo’s gaze froze over. “Find out who gave Wu Zhen the authority to arrest as she pleased.”

Lawyer Song hesitated slightly. “What about the Wu family?”

“Investigate all of them.” Qin Mo lowered his lids, even though he seemed indifferent, anyone that caught sight of his gaze would feel a chill run through them.

Lawyer Song knew he was going to be ruthless.

But was Young Master Fu that important?

Important enough for Boss Qin to touch the Wu family?

Qin Mo didn’t just want to touch the Wu family, he intended to do it personally.

“Wu family house.”

Qin Mo hung up, caressing the youngster’s wrist as he spoke leisurely.

But those who knew him well would know that the more indifferent he was, the greater his threat.

Deputy Zhang couldn’t resist asking, “We’re just heading over? Do I need to bring Old Master An along?”

“Do you think it’s suitable for my grandfather to be in a fight?” Qin Mo asked.

Deputy Zhang held his peace.

Even if Bo Jiu hadn’t sunk into a deep sleep, she still couldn’t hear their conversation clearly and she burrowed her face once more.

Her actions gathered Qin Mo’s complete attention.

Even though he had an impulse, it wasn’t the right time.

But the sight of his face between his thighs, he really wanted to; wanted to do something to the youngster in the car.

And he did just that while the car entered a tunnel and all the light rays disappeared.

Amidst the dimed atmosphere, Qin Mo lowered his head to plant a kiss on the red marks marring the youngster’s wrist.

It was impossible to not be seen.

Deputy Zhang widened his eyes in shock.

He had a strong heart, but he never expected to see his young master kissing a boy, even though it had been just his wrists.

But the love and tenderness pouring out from his eyes were real, it was astonishing!

Deputy Zhang clenched onto the steering wheel, breaking out in sweat uncontrollably.

The young master wasn’t the least bit affected, his gaze calm. Deputy Zhang then understood one thing.

In the future, it would be a common sight whenever he replaced the driver.

But… Could someone tell him, why did his Young Master suddenly fall for a boy? Ahhh!

Qin Mo seemed satisfied with Bo Jiu’s closeness, his lips curved upwards, his fingers combing through the youngster’s hair until they were out of the tunnel.

He paused, his eyes fixed on the approaching Wu family mansion, his gaze sunk into a night like darkness, all the warmth escaping.