Chapter 69

Chapter 69: CEO Qin Decided to Check on That Guy’s Test Result

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The air pressure was low as usual in the conference room filled with a business atmosphere.

The marketing team was still reporting this year’s numbers with their nerves wound tight. They feared that if their CEO wasn’t satisfied, then his deeply frozen pool-like eyes would look in their direction!

Luckily, CEO was a little distracted today. He seemed to have other things on his mind as he was playing with his pure white phone the whole time.

“CEO Qin, this is about it.” The people from the marketing team were ready for criticism.



That was it? Everyone was not used to this reaction yet.

Qin Mo wasn’t really listening since statistics could always be fixed later anyway.

Rather, he was looking at the time. By now, that guy should be finished with his tests already.

After he was on the team, he would keep him by his side so that he would not flirt around.

With this in mind, Qin Mo curled the corner of his mouth a bit, and a smile emerged.

Some people from the management were stunned. Looking at that illusory smile on their boss’s face, their hearts were asking, So what kind of fortuitous day is it today… that CEO looks happy?

After ten or so minutes, Qin Mo raised his hand up and said emotionlessly, “Meeting dismissed. We’ll continue tomorrow.”

“Hah?” The head of the planning department hadn’t handed in his plan yet, but he was so ecstatic with CEO’s decision that he said happily, “Yes! Yes!”

Qin Mo stood up first. His straight legs were accentuated by his handmade suit pants. Moreover, with his natural demonic aura, once he was left the conference room, everyone behind him felt that the pressure over their heads disappeared immediately. They all felt extremely relieved as they clasped onto the tables. But… where was CEO going this time?

Secretary Liang shadowed Qin Mo while he held the meeting notes in his hands. “CEO Qin, your business dinner won’t start till 7 p.m. Isn’t it a bit too early to head out there? Do you want to take a rest first?”

“No, I’ll go to the club,” Qin Mo ordered as he got on the elevator.

The Qin Group’s building was right next to the club, so it was not far by foot.

Qin Mo didn’t tell Fu Jiu that the meeting was over. For once, surprising that guy by dropping in for a visit would be nice.

The secretary was surprised to hear that. “Go to the club? They are having an internal signing event today. CEO Qin wants to go check it out?”

Qin Mo didn’t explain and just harrumphed curtly.

Secretary Liang paused. “Please wait first. They don’t know CEO is heading over. I need to make a call, some of the contestants at the internal signing are CEO’s fans. You showing up like this will create too big of a commotion.”

“What kind of a commotion can ten or so people create?” Qin Mo raised his hand. As he pressed the elevator button, his unique black diamond sleeve button was displayed, giving his movements an additional air of luxury.

Secretary Liang had to put his phone away. CEO looked like he had his mind set on visiting today.

So odd.. . When VP Feng invited CEO over, he wasn’t interested at all, so why did he change his mind… Could it be!

Secretary Liang’s eyes blossomed. Was that evil fairy who CEO knew from online at this internal signing event?

It must be the case!

He would report this to Boss and Madam shortly. That person was real; CEO was definitely in love… And he had fallen deeply!