Chapter 690 - Begin Investigating Wu Zhen

Chapter 690: Begin Investigating Wu Zhen

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The housekeeper of the Wu family never expected Qin Mo’s arrival. His face blossoming, the moment the car entered, he shouted, “Notify Young Mistress that Young Master Qin is here.”

“Yes.” The servant started running, bringing up the spirits of the mansion.

Once the car was stationed, Qin Mo didn’t alight immediately, instead, he used a pillow to replace his left thigh so that the youngster could lie there.

His fingers caressed the soft silky skin before pushing the car door open.

Qin Mo hadn’t removed his uniform, looking like a galactic commander from a comic, stopping others in their tracks for a second glance.

The Qin family had always been prideful of being polite before a fight.

Hence, there wasn’t a hint of anger on his face.

However, his lips curved into an enigmatic smile.

Old Master Wu adored him, a dragon head walking stick in his hands and a smile brightening his face. “Young Mo, what brings you here? Your grandfather mentioned that you have gone overseas to get treated, why are you back so soon?”

“It wasn’t the date I planned fo,r but fortunately I came back now,” Qin Mo replied calmly. “Or I wouldn’t have known about my people being caught.”

Old Master Wu stilled. Caught? Who dared to touch anyone from the Qin family?

Although Old Master Wu couldn’t understand the situation, Wu Zhen, who was walking down in her uniform, could.

Her fingers tightened when she heard his words.

Qin Mo lifted his lids. “Just right, the implicated party is here.”

Old Master Wu was well-known within the corporate world. Just one look and he sensed the problem. “Young Mo, did Zhen’er cause trouble for you? Is that the reason behind this visit? You should be well aware of Zhen’er’s stubborn personality, but those aside, she is a police officer, working hard to catch up with you.”

“Grandfather.” Wu Zhen cried, her eyes red with unshed tears. She then turned to Qin Mo. “Brother Mo, I don’t know what you have been told, but I understand that you would be angry if I arrest a member of Supreme Alliance at this time. But that’s where my duty lies, the Maiden’s Sacrifice is an important case with many implications. Finding the culprit is of highest priority and I have always been impartial in my actions. Fu Jiu is a suspect and my actions are due to that suspicion.”

Old Master Wu frowned. Young Master Fu was the one causing trouble here.

“Young Mo, just as Zhen’er has mentioned, there has to be some misunderstanding, it isn’t worth it for an outsider.”

Qin Mo stood up, flicking his sleeves as though he was just here to make an announcement. His tone was stripped off any warmth. “Old Master Wu, that person isn’t an outsider since your granddaughter keeps emphasizing. It’s her duty, the court shall make the decision on whether her arrest is legal and just. When the time comes, Old Master Wu, you can drop by for the hearing and decide whether it really is a misunderstanding. That’s all for today, I’ll leave now.”