Chapter 691 - Didn’t We Decide Not to Go to the Hospital?

Chapter 691: Didn’t We Decide Not to Go to the Hospital?

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“Brother Mo!”

Wu Zhen broke down the moment she heard the word ‘court’ as she had never expected him to be so ruthless.

It was all because of Fu Jiu!

Wu Zhen wanted to chase him back, but it didn’t seem to be working.

The servants were all in a daze, no one was clear of what just happened.

They wanted Wu Zhen to watch her steps but she wasn’t in the mood, pointing at the servant to get lost.

When she was out, the black Hummer was already on its way out.

She couldn’t keep the anger in, disregarding the age of the person beside her as she kicked. “You blind thing, don’t you know how to stop him?”

The madam working as a cook couldn’t endure the attack, clenching onto her stomach.

Wu Zhen’s unwillingness morphed into anger.

Old Master Wu couldn’t bear for his granddaughter to feel such pain. “Alright, alright, you can explain next time.”

“But Brother Mo won’t listen to me.” Wu Zhen wiped her tears. “Grandfather, I can’t go to court, you have to help me.”

Old Master Wu tapped Wu Zhen’s shoulders. “Don’t worry, grandfather won’t let you suffer, someone must have provoked Young Mo, but you are at fault too. How can you touch a Supreme Alliance member at such a crucial period?”

Wu Zhen wouldn’t let him know this all boiled down to her jealousy

All his posts were about the youngster and even the look he had when he watched the youngster was different.

How dare he?

How dare that cunning gay get everything?

What about her?

Even though she never watched esports matches, she specifically came down for today’s match.

When the gay lost, an immense joy spread within her; everything was as she had predicted.

The fans started doubting his rights as the vice-captain.

Wu Zhen assumed that with the loss, the gay would fall from Brother Mo’s heart ━ she never expected Brother Mo to attribute the loss on her.

Spade Z was a tough rival for sure.

Wu Zhen clenched her fingers.

If he was already of such importance to Brother Mo, she had to eradicate him as soon as possible.

“Grandfather, you will have to speak with Grandfather An about this matter.” Wu Zhen lifted her head. “That scheming Young Master Fu is always around Brother Mo.”

Old Master Wu would definitely side with his granddaughter. Besides, he had to seek out the An family for the court hearing.

“Don’t worry, grandfather will seek out Grandfather An, I won’t let you suffer.”

Perhaps this was human nature, never taking into account their mistakes.

They inflicted harm in the name of love and wouldn’t be aware of their mistakes.

The world was against them unless they received what they wanted.

Wu Zhen was that sort of person, she would never reflect on how she trapped Bo Jiu, forcing her thoughts on others.

However, she wasn’t aware that she was the least of Bo Jiu’s worries.

Bo Jiu laid in the car, the throbbing ache in her abdomen keeping her from sleeping well. She seemed to have sensed the Almighty leaving and coming back, but it didn’t seem real.

The moment she reopened her eyes, the car was on its way to the best hospital in Jiang City.

Didn’t they decide not to go to the hospital? Weren’t they heading home?