Chapter 692 - Almighty Qin’s Confession

Chapter 692: Almighty Qin’s Confession

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“This doesn’t look like my house.” Bo Jiu titled her head, a brow lifted.

Qin Mo’s hands were still stationed on the youngster’s furry head, his air chilly. “I’ll send you home after the checkup.”

“There really isn’t anything to check.” Bo Jiu decided to be honest. “Alright, it isn’t gastric. I wasn’t wearing enough clothes when I was arrested to the police station, plus, the interrogation messed with my nerves causing this pain.”

Qin Mo glanced over, his tone leisurely. “The interrogator is better than I am?”

“How is that possible?” Bo Jiu laughed lightly, blood returning to her face.

Qin Mo took another look at the youngster. “You aren’t even nervous when I interrogate you, how can you be nervous when someone else does it? Can you believe that?”

Bo Jiu: …

This was a trap.

After all, the Almighty was full of tricks.

“Behave and take the check.” Qin Mo pinched the youngster’s nape, just like how he pinched Princess.

Then he pushed the car door open.

Princess didn’t wish to join their conversation, especially not when his master was putting someone in place.

Bo Jiu glanced at that indifferent cat, remaining motionless. “I’m already better.”

“Are you trying to force me into carrying you down?” Qin Mo raised a brow, looking ravishing.

Bo Jiu repeated, “I’m really better.”

“What illness can be cured so quickly?” Qin Mo eyed the youngster.

Bo Jiu chuckled. “Lovesickness. It’s been like this ever since you left for America, but since you are back, I have finally fully recovered.”


Deputy Zhang flushed!

This-this wasn’t just Young Master’s problem, this youngster seemed even worse…

Qin Mo titled his head, glancing at the sound of the cough with his voice calm. “Deputy Zhang.”

“Mmh, mmh, here.”

Qin Mo pulled the open car door close, his gaze deepening. “Wait outside.”

“Yes!” Deputy Zhang reacted quickly and hurried down the car, leaving both of them.

Qin Mo pulled him into his arms, his fingers forcing his chin upwards with an evil smile on his face. “Lovesickness?”

Bo Jiu knew she went overboard. Their breathing was so close that even their heartbeats could be heard clearly. It wasn’t going to be easy for her to escape. She decided to divert the attention over to the Almighty. “Brother Mo, before you left, you mentioned that you have something to tell me, being all mysterious, keeping me hooked. It has been eating at me the entire time. Are you going to tell me? And, Brother Mo, could you give me some space? Your good looks will affect my thinking.”

Qin Mo watched as the youngster sprouted such nonsense so seriously, his fingers brushing past his face and his gaze so deep, forcing him to look away. “Do you really want to know what I want to say?”

“Mmh.” She really wanted to know since the Almighty had always been a person of few words.

However, Bo Jiu never expected him to come this close.

The tobacco scent fell behind her ears. Even the hear beat seemed close, thumping strongly and almost dangerously.

Just as Bo Jiu was about to move, Qin Mo lowered his lids, caressing Bo Jiu’s lips. “Look at me.”

A numbing sensation tingled her lips, exploding her mind. What… what was the Almighty doing?!