Chapter 693 - A Kiss and a Confession

Chapter 693: A Kiss and a Confession

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His low laughter breezed through her lips.

Bo Jiu arched her brows, a mischievous smile on her face as she leaned forward. “What exactly do you wish to say?”

Qin Mo chuckled before he suddenly leaned forward to kiss her lips, catching her off guard.

Since they had never ventured to this step before, it came completely unexpected.

The kiss carried his minty aroma.

A numbing sensation moved upwards from her tongue, stopping her from any movement.

His heated breath splashed onto her while his warm lips were pressing onto hers and his tongue was forcing its way into her, teasing and turning…

In that instant, her mind went blank and she gasped for air, her arms forced down.

His long hands pressed down on hers, leaving her at his mercy as he caressed her lightly, making her heart beat faster.

She felt herself weakening and with her hands pressed down, her only support was the car window behind her.  ( NovelFull )

However, there would definitely be passersby.

She could hear a commotion from outside the car. Although the tinted windows were shielding them well, they could still be heard. In the midst of her fuzzy thoughts, she started to panic.

When she finally managed to breathe, he bit down on her lips. His forehead pressing onto hers and his eyes so deep that she could barely see the depths, it seemed like a glacier which had been sealed for a long while. His movements held an unexplainable deepness. “After this, what do you think I want to say?”

There were remnants of him on her. Bo Jiu lifted her hands subconsciously to wipe her lips while her eyes were narrowed. “Brother Mo, look at me carefully, I’m a guy.”

“I know that,” Qin Mo replied deeply, his breath falling onto the back of her ear. “I know that better than anyone else.”

It took her great difficulty to reply. “Brother Mo, I understand that my face might cause some confusion and you haven’t been interacting with females much these days so…”

Bo Jiu was cut off before she could finish her sentence.

Her perfectly defined eyes looked back at him, long lashes flattering like feathers, sending hearts in a frenzy.

Qin Mo’s eyes dimmed as he tightened a hand around her waist, leaning over to bite her earlobes. His voice was silky smooth. “Wanting you means being confused? Mmh?”

Bo Jiu opened her mouth, her thoughts still in a mess. “You are gay?”

Qin Mo frowned. “You can say that.”

Bo Jiu seemed to ponder for a while before lifting her eyes. “It has never crossed my mind before.”

She had always treated the Almighty as a brother, but the Almighty had been treating her as a… boyfriend? Boyfriend! Boy…  ( NovelFull )

“And I’m not gay,” Bo Jiu added. “I’m confused, I need to head home to think about it.”

Qin Mo glanced at the youngster. “Are you really confused or do you not wish to find out?”

Bo Jiu didn’t dodge the question. “Brother Mo, with your looks, a confession would catch someone off guard. Hence, it’s definitely the former.”