Chapter 695 - Influence the Almighty Bit by Bit

Chapter 695: Influence the Almighty Bit by Bit

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Bo Jiu trembled slightly before they separated.

Her supposed aggressive attack was a totally different flavor when reflected in the rear mirror, especially when the Almighty circled his arms around her waist.

It seemed as though she had pounced into his embrace.

As the youngster glanced over, Qin Mo lifted his lips when he caught sight of the reflection in the rear mirror. “You can be on top for this position since your waist is so soft.”

This topic really wasn’t her specialty. Bo Jiu inhaled deeply, her gaze clear. “Brother Mo, I really am straight and have always been.”

“Nothing is definite in this world.” Qin Mo’s gaze dimmed. “You don’t have to reply to me now.”

Bo Jiu looked at him. “But I’m really not suited to be your boyfriend.”

“I said you don’t have to answer me now.” Qin Mo turned, opening the left door for the youngster, his defined and ravishing face slightly blur. “We will talk again after the revival match.”

Bo Jiu paused before accepting it.

When she was walking back to the mansion, the black Hummer gradually disappeared from her vision.

Everything was a mess; the Almighty tried to turn her gay.

Turn her… gay?

She was a girl.

How could she turn gay?

Bo Jiu flung herself onto the bed, she was exhausted and her abdomen still hurt, but she couldn’t fall asleep.

There wasn’t a hint of sleepiness, which was probably due to habit.

Her arms suddenly felt empty after rearing Princess for so many days.

But Bo Jiu knew that wasn’t the real reason.

The root of the problem was the breath on his teeth and the everlasting heat on his thighs.

That was the main reason.

Her hastened heartbeat hadn’t slowed since.

The moment she shut her eyes, his ravishing face and imposing air would appear, permeating into her cells…

Bo Jiu tried to sit up, her silver hair falling, it was a perfect side view.

The Almighty was gay.

But how should she break to him that she wasn’t a boy?

In the past, Bo Jiu had never thought in that direction.

But if she thought about it specifically, the Almighty had always felt repulsion towards girls.

It was indeed a telling sign.

Besides, the Almighty reared a cat.

Didn’t others use to say that 80 percent of guys that kept cats were gay?

This situation… Bo Jiu reached out to press her forehead. Should she let the Almighty in on her secret?

Telling him that she was a girl.

The Almighty would probably kill her.

Or maybe she could cross-dress in front of the Almighty more often.

This way, she could influence him bit by bit.

Whatever it was, it would be easier for them to talk about it after the National League.

The Almighty liked the male version of her, but she wasn’t a guy…

Outside, the sky started to stain red and the temperature started to fall gradually.

Deputy Zhang didn’t dare to glance at his young master’s expression, but from their conversation just now, Young Master’s confession seemed to have failed.

Ever since he was young, his young master had always easily gotten whatever he wanted.

But this time…

Deputy Zhang glanced at the rear mirror.

Ever since just now, Qin Mo hadn’t moved an inch, his dark wispy hair falling on his forehead, shielding his gaze and concealing his expression.


For the first time, such a term could be used on his young master…