Chapter 696 - Memories

Chapter 696: Memories

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“Grandfather’s house.”

When this deep command came from behind, Deputy Zhang snapped back to his senses, turning the car around.

Supreme Alliance’s defeat would definitely bring repercussions.

Bo Jiu’s mother He Honghua, meanwhile, was still overseas on business. However, the moment she saw the livestream, she headed home immediately as business partners would definitely go after those with more prospects.

The moment the competition ended, they apologized to He Honghua, deciding to go with Fu Zhongyi.

He Honghua’s entire heart was clenched when she saw the youngster on the screen.

She cut the meeting short and returned to Jiang City with her team.

Losses were inevitable, but it was never easy to get over a loss.

Even when Bo Jiu shut her eyes, her gaze was still directed at her wrists.

She wasn’t strong enough.

In Feng Mansion, Feng Yi was still making calls.

Fortunately, that person’s return was able to divert the media’s attention.

Many fans were demoralized and even Supreme Alliance’s members were as well. ( NovelFull )

The houses of the Lin and Yun family were close to each other.

After Lin Feng finished his shower, he caught sight of a certain someone in front of his computer and lifted his brows.

He didn’t head towards the main door. Opening his window, he followed the railings towards the balcony area and knocked on his window.

Yun Hu placed his documents down, taking large strides towards the window to pull it open. “You’re barely dressed, aren’t you cold?”

“Of course I am, it’s freezing.” Lin Feng jumped in with an outreached arm. “Hurry, pass me a towel, my hair is still wet.”

Yun Hu looked at him. His t-shirt was wide, his dark black hair drenched. The glistening droplets were falling onto his collar.

Yun Hu narrowed his eyes, tossing a towel over.

A certain someone didn’t seem to understand the distance they should be having.

He dried his hair aggressively before dumping himself on Yun Hu’s bed, his tone wilful. “I’m going to sleep here tonight.”

Yun Hu folded his arms around his chest. “I’ll give you one minute, go back.”

“Don’t be such a bore,” Lin Feng muttered, “It’s been a long time since we slept together.”

Yun Hu lifted a brow. “Don’t we sleep together in school?”

“It’s a double-decker bed, it doesn’t count.” Lin Feng sat upright, looking suave. “What are you bothered about? My body is clean and besides, I specifically came over to comfort you.”

Yun Hu glanced over, his heart softening. Ever since they were young, he had always been nonchalant, but during important moments, he would appear before him.

Fights were inevitable in the compound.

He could still remember that one time this guy had seen him being cornered, he hadn’t cared if he could suppress them.

After tossing his little backpack aside, he had pounced at them.

In the end, his entire face had been bruised and swollen. “Don’t ever bully Hu again, get lost.”

Every time he recalled that incident, Yun Hu had an urge to laugh.

“You really aren’t going?”

Lin Feng remained firm. “Not going.”

“Fine.” Yun Hu’s handsome face turned over. “You should know I can’t control myself when I sleep.”

Lin Feng took a moment before asking, “You still have wet dreams?”

Yun Hu swept him a glance, his gaze deepening. “It won’t go away.”

It would never go away when this guy slept beside him.

It started when they were both 16 years old.

Yun Hu obviously had been intoxicated, his control weakening as he had taken action on a certain someone.

His expression was still imprinted in Yun Hu’s mind. It had just been a light kiss, but his entire body had frozen up, his look turning into one of distaste.

Until this day, that look was still fresh in his mind.

Afraid of the distance that may develop the next day, the moment he had opened his eyes, Yun Hu had asked calmly, “Did I do something yesterday?”

That person had widened his eyes. “You don’t remember?”

“I remember having a dream,” Yun Hu had replied lightly as he had clenched his fists.

That person had sighed. “You scared me to death. It’s nothing, you just had a spring dream. I’ll just see it as a brotherly sacrifice. There goes my first kiss, f*ck.”

But these had all been just excuses as there hadn’t been any dream ━ he had just been worried about being pushed away.

Ever since that day, Yun Hu had become aware of his limits ad every time a certain someone came over in his pajamas and insisted to sleep with him, he would chase him back immediately.

“Why can’t we sleep together?”

He had bugged him with this question for an entire week.

Soon after, they had started studying on campus; in the same hostel, but on different beds.

“I made my mother use her connections. Why did you have to do so well? I had to bury myself in books for a month to catch up. Now that we have managed to live in the same hostel, shall we celebrate with supper?”

That day, they had stayed in an internet cafe, a certain someone sleeping on his shoulders until the next morning.

In front of them had been the first edition of Hero.

This was why they didn’t want to lose…

“Let me set this straight, you can have your spring dream, but don’t touch me.” Lin Feng tilted over. “I get ticklish easily.”

Yun Hu reached out to switch off the lights. “It won’t be easy to control such things.”

“F*ck, I’m a grown man, after all, the desire would definitely be reduced.” Lin Feng turned.

Momentarily, both faces were only centimeters apart.

As Yun Hu glanced at him, Lin Feng started to feel uneasy. “I have experience in such matters, you’ll be fine as long as you stop thinking about girls.”

“You have experience? What experience do you have?” Yun Hu asked with a hostile tone. “Who did you dream about?”

Lin Feng shook his head. “Not yet, I haven’t even gotten attached.” What were you getting mad about?

Yun Hu shut his eyes, his nose sharp. “Sleep, I won’t dream tonight.”

“Did the loss kill your interest?” Lin Feng sighed. “Me too, for this match, if it wasn’t for Little Spade, Supreme Alliance would definitely have faced a horrible defeat. He seemed to be in pain. Why exactly was he sent to the police station? If the media gets news of this, it’ll be yet another wave.”

Yun Hu opened his eyes, his gaze deep. “Captain will resolve everything, don’t forget about the revival match.”

“How could I?” Lin Feng laughed. “We will definitely be revived and conquer the National League.”

‘Mmh.” Yun Hu closed his eyes. ( NovelFull )

Lin Feng turned, hugging onto his pajamas just as he did when he was younger.

His lips were upturned, completely unaware of the kiss that was planted onto his ravishing face when he fell asleep.

With all the tenderness in this world came the traps and exploitation.

Ever since Xue Yaoyao had entered the Jian family, she had stopped laughing.

She didn’t fit in there.

The Jiang family dabbled in the entertainment business, hence, organizing more events than the other aristocrats.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t understand how her mother got used to it as just sitting there was enough to make her tired.

It was probably caused by her loss, which was affecting her mood.

The moment she shut her eyes, the youngster’s bloodstained wrists would come to her mind.

Those criticisms shouldn’t be shouldered by that person.

If she could have revived a little earlier… Just a little earlier and the result would have been different.

She had been prepared for both the adoration and criticism when she entered this profession.

However, she couldn’t understand what wrong the hardworking and forever victorious youngster committed.

Xue Yaoyao lowered her lids to take a bite of her food, her attention clearly not there.

At this moment, her acquaintance chucked. “It’s just a competition, how did you end up so pathetic?”

“Her patheticness is inevitable, her dreams are dashed and her only road is blocked off.”

“You must now know, previously, his fans tossed a can of coke at the deserted Young Master Fu, whom she protected.”

“How can such an unlikeable person become the vice-captain?”

“It doesn’t make sense for such a person to be the vice-captain.”

“Stop it, any more and Yaoyao is going to flare up.”

The group of them burst into laughter.

They acted willfully, fully aware that Xue Yaoyao would restrain herself in such an event.

But clearly, they were wrong.

Under the eyes of the public, Xue Yaoyao placed her plate down, heading over to the one she was closest to, her volume just enough for everyone to hear. “Someone like you would never understand how amazing that person is. Since you don’t understand gaming, please keep your mouth shut.”

That person paused. Angered by Xue Yaoyao’s words, she opened her mouth. “What’s this, you really did flare up.”

“A young lady like yourself ought to learn a principle, to not gossip about others. Both Supreme Alliance’s outcome and Jiu have nothing to do with you.” Xue Yaoyao decided to stop thinking about how her actions would affect her mother.

She wasn’t able to protect that person in the arena, leaving her to shoulder everything in her unwell state.

At least outside of the arena, she wasn’t willing to hear anyone defame him.

Jiang Zhuo stood at the side, a glass of wine in his hands. When he heard her words, he paused, his gaze turning bleak.

Mother Xue rushed over, pulling Xue Yaoyao to the side.

“I want to move out.” Xue Yaoyao looked into Mother Xue’s eyes. “Mom, this place isn’t for me. I understand that Uncle Jiang wishes for harmony and if the reporters know about this, it would definitely be bad. So this time, I won’t tell anyone.”

Mother Xue paused, with her previous lifestyle, she was able to withstand hardships, but… “Yaoyao, this is the first time you resisted. Is he very important? The person you were trying to protect?”

“Mmh.” Xue Yaoyao wanted to tell her mother that this person had allowed her to return to school, but she had promised the youngster not to say a word.

Mother Xue laughed. “Someone you like?”

Xue Yaoyao blushed. This misunderstanding was going too far.

Just as she was about to explain, Mother Xue took out a ward of cash, stuffing it into Xue Yaoyao’s palms. “Move out with this money.”

“Mum, I…” Before she could reject the offer, Mother Xue cut her off. “It isn’t from the Jiang family, it’s from before. You’ve grown up. I know that you have been running to lose weight. My life in the Jiang family isn’t bad and your Uncle Jiang treats me well, too. You don’t have to worry about me, buy whatever you need. I watched the livestream of your match, my daughter looks pretty in that uniform.”

“Mum.” Xue Yaoyao reached out to give her a warm embrace.

Mother Xue caressed her back. “Do what you want when you’re still young. In the past, I didn’t know what you can achieve from esports, but yesterday, when I saw you lose, I understood that it isn’t about the game. It doesn’t matter even if you don’t win the National League, loving the game itself is enough.”

Xue Yaoyao answered with an “Mmh.” She was afraid she would cry, but after she kept the money, she didn’t cry, her eyes bright and clear.

Even her back view was straighter than usual.

Everyone was growing.

The growth that came from failure would make her stronger.

Outside Jiang family mansion, Xue Yaoyao didn’t expect to bump into Jiang Zuo, her legal brother, the moment she left the house.

She paused, prepared to pass him, but she never expected him to reach out and grab her wrist and pulling her roughly.

“You want to move out that much?” His voice was low with a hint of moodiness.

Xue Yaoyao turned. “You don’t even like to see me, it’ll be for the better.”

“Is it because I don’t want to see you or because of Fu Jiu?” Jiang Zuo stared at her, bursting into laughter and releasing her wrist. As he stuffed a hand into his pocket, Xue Yaoyao noticed his breath carrying a hint of alcohol. “How well do you know him? Even your courage is growing. That person will never fall for you. Stop dreaming and listen to your brother. Go wash up and sleep, understand?”

Xue Yaoyao laughed as well. “Everyone keeps telling me to stop dreaming, that I should stay fat and that was how I felt in the past. But I met that person. Why should I stop dreaming? Just because I’m poor or because I’m fat? Perhaps I will never be like the girls you know, splurging on everything to confess to you. I can’t go that far because I’m not dreaming. I’m sure that one day, I will become the person I want to be and when I meet someone I like, I will use the same methods as before, companionship and familiarity. Confessing should be private, I won’t get someone else to pass the message. It doesn’t matter even if he doesn’t accept me, my life can’t just be washing up and sleeping.”

Jiang Zuo froze slightly and his gaze followed that back view he never expected to see.

His fingers tightened, a hostile coldness emitting from his gaze.

Somehow along the way, some things seemed beyond his control.

Was this the ‘like’ she mentioned about?

Didn’t she like him?


Jiang Zuo reached out to punch the wall at the side.

When the driver reached and saw this sight, he hesitated slightly before calling out, “Young Master.”

Jiang Zuo pulled his tie, using it to wipe the blood off his knuckles, his voice low. “Send Young Mistress out and see where she is staying.”

“Yes, Sir.”

The driver didn’t hesitate. After entering the car, he followed the road down. When he caught sight of Xue Yaoyao, he stopped immediately. “Young Mistress, let me send you. It isn’t safe this late at night.”

Xue Yaoyao didn’t reject him as it wasn’t easy to get a cab here and it would be warmer in the car.

The moment she entered, her phone went off.

Feng Shang sent a voice note, his voice stuttering slightly. “Yao-Yaoyao sis, where are you? I-I’m with Un-uncle Yin in the Internet café we first me-met, are-are you busy? If-if you aren’t, come over, Un-uncle Yin has training for both o-of us.”

Xue Yaoyao’s eyes lit up when she replied, “I’ll head over now.”

“Co-come.” Feng Shang pressed his phone. “After tr-training, we won-won’t be like to-today.”


Xue Yaoyao understood how Feng Shang felt.

Especially after the car steered past that wide plaza, her emotions seemed to deepen.

At that time, she never expected to become a professional esports player.

Still, it was at this location where the rose petal fell that the youngster held onto a uniform with a faint smile, placing their fates into their palm.

This time, they would be the ones working hard.

The Internet café was booming with people as usual when Xue Yaoyao pushed the door open.

Uncle Yin had a cigarette dangling in his mouth, looking carefree and suave. “Hey, you’re here, let’s start now.”

Everything was like when they had first met, no one seemed to have changed.

Instead, they seemed clearer of their directions.

The night deepened.

At a mansion in the south of the city, the lights shone brightly.

Old Master An was clearly ecstatic since this was his only grandson.

Therefore, he arranged for a feast.

Qin Mo was no different from usual as they had their dinner.

After the meal, they played chess.

As a chess piece was placed, Qin Mo spoke, “Grandfather, I’m going to take action against the Wu family.”

Old Master An paused. “Take action against the Wu family?!”

“Yes.” Qin Mo lifted his lids, respectful as usual. “I came to let you know in advance. If everything goes as planned, they will come over tomorrow. I don’t want you to be misled by false rumors, so I will set this straight, it wasn’t because of anyone’s instigation. Wu Zhen’s actions are enough to be sent to court. I will remain firm and I hope you won’t stop me.”

Old Master An looked at his grandson before sighing deeply. “Wu Zhen just likes you too much.”

“I have never reciprocated.” Qin Mo remained firm even in front of his grandfather. “There isn’t any form of love which is achieved through harming the person most important to me. My actions are a legitimate form of retaliation.”

Old Master An stopped, knowing he wouldn’t waver.

Ever since he had been six years old, his grandson had stopped following behind him.

He knew that some matters should be handled by their own generation.

Thus, even if he adored Wu Zhen, such life long decisions couldn’t be forced.

He would have to think of something else.

Old Master An glanced over at his grandson.

“You child, other than the time you were angered in America, you seem to have lost all your emotions.”

Qin Mo lifted his lids. “When I was younger?”

“You were five years old at that time, have you forgotten?” Old Master An seemed to have recalled something, chuckling as he caressed his beard. “Back then, you were constantly tackled by the little girl that lived next door, you couldn’t even retaliate. You even said that she was the first person you would arrest when you become a police officer.”

Qin Mo took a while, but the memory remained a blur.

Old Master An shook his head. “You must have forgotten. After she left, you were upset for a long while.”

Sad? Him?

Qin Mo refused to comment.

Old Master An laughed. “I wonder where that old friend has gone to, but the Bo family was indeed weird, they wouldn’t stay in the same location for long.”

“Bo?” Qin Mo paused at their family name.

Old Master An lifted a brow. “Why? Have you recalled?”

“No.” Qin Mo was reminded of Z, her family name was Bo as well.

Their conversation avoided the Wu family, bringing about fewer conflicts.

After leaving the mansion, Qin Mo glanced at his phone ━ there weren’t any notifications.

That person’s WeChat was silent as well.

Perhaps he should give him some time.

Once he responded, he wasn’t sure what he would do, especially if it was indeed a rejection.

Qin Mo thought about youngster’s words.

“Brother Mo, I’m straight and will still be in the future.”

He was straight as well.

He must have been crazy to have fallen for him.

On the next day when the sun rays splashed onto him, it brought a hint of warmth.

Bo Jiu didn’t go anywhere because of her period and because there wasn’t any competition for the next seven days. She could rest sufficiently and do some concealing job.

She knew Wu Zhen hadn’t found anything.

If there was anything concrete, the crime squad would be the ones executing the actions.

She just wanted to keep her in captive.

If it happened again, that would definitely pose trouble.

Hence, she called her partner in advice. “Be my lawyer in the future and I’ll provide you with another news about your ex-wife.”

“What is it?”

Lawyer Bai had always been a man of little words; a feature which Bo Jiu admired. “Your ex-wife has a five-year-old child.”

“Thank you for letting me know so soon. That child is currently in my firm, warning me to leave his mum alone.” He tugged his tie, narrowing his eyes at the little kid in front of him.

Bo Jiu laughed. “Congratulations, we’ll talk another day.”

She hung up hurriedly.

After settling these tasks, a handsome face floated into her mind.

She shook her head, facing the mirror.

The bruise on her lips hadn’t healed. Even though it wasn’t big, she could still feel like whenever her tongue brushed past.

She caressed it with the back of her hands.

The youngster leaned back.

Such matters had to be dealt with by herself…